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21 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 163”

  1. #1 Thrawn says:

    Cap: “Spidey, you really need to wipe your feet before walking on the ceiling, okay? I’m tired of having to look all the dirt stains you leave on the walls and the poor maid fell off a stool and hurt her back while trying to clean your ceiling prints with the swiffer.”

    Spidey: “Screw that dude. I’m an Avenger. Having a maid to clean up behind me is one of the job perks. Does this dirt stain look like a fluffy rabbit eating a carrot to you?”

    Cap: “Yeah..a little.”

  2. #2 Billium 3 says:

    Spider-Man: What do you wanna do for this issue of Avengers, Cap?

    Captain America: I dunno, what do you wanna do, Spider-Man?

    Spider-Man: Uhmm, we can sit around here for twenty-something pages and talk about, I dunno… stuff? Fans like decompression and seemingly non-stop, longwinded talking, right?

    Captain America: I guess we can do that, if it’s really what the fans want. I’m sure we can get a good three issues alone out of us just talking. *Looks up skyward* Right Mr.Bendis?

    Brian Michael Bendis (Ominous tone): Right you are, Cap!

  3. #3 Shaun Martineau says:

    *insert Bendis Avengers joke here*

    Seriously though, I love this picture.

  4. #4 Wheatcakes says:

    Things just aren’t as interesting around Crawlspace HQ since Stella left.

  5. #5 Guyman442 says:

    Last Friday night!
    Yeah we danced on tabletops,
    And we took too many shots.
    Think we kissed
    But I forgot.

  6. #6 DitkoLovesGreen says:

    Forget HAMMER for today, it’s the Sabbath.

  7. #7 AbdulAziz says:

    Cap: “Spidey dude, that version here of your costume will be perfect for a movie”
    Spdiey: “I hope they pull it up in the sequel”

  8. #8 spiderman252 says:

    Break room at universal studios florida

  9. #9 Jason H. says:

    A typical 6 issue arc of New Avengers.

  10. #10 Ebonyleopard says:

    Spidey “She was amazing.”
    Cap “She sure was.”
    Spidey “I love Aunt May’s Cooking.”
    Cap “Cooking??”

  11. #11 Proto Goblin says:

    Spidey-I love it when stark forgets to lock the VIP lounge when he leaves to be Ironman.

    Cap-Hey wait a minute shouldn’t we be helping him fight whoever he’s fighting?

    spider-Buzz kill.

  12. #12 Spiderpr says:

    Spidey: Hey Cap, doesn’t that cloud looks like the Hulk?

    Cap: Shut Up!

  13. #13 Enigma_2099 says:

    I call it… the “Lazy” Avengers…

  14. #14 Wheatcakes says:

    Spidey: Ya think we should take our boots off in the house?

    Cap: Meh. Let Jarvis worry about it.

    On a side note, #9 made me LOL.

  15. #15 bandito says:

    AVENGERS! chillax…

  16. #16 jpd13 says:

    Cap: Man, that was some seriously good shit

    Spidey: Yeah, best I’ve had in awhile. It was from Tony’s private stash.

  17. #17 herbiepopnecker says:

    Spidey: I’m bored.
    Cap: I’m bored more.
    Spidey: No, I’m more bored.
    Cap: Well, I’m bored and have a snazzy shield.
    Spidey: It so happens I’m bored and can spin webs,
    Cap: And it just so happens that I’m bored in a sharp,
    patriotic-themed costume.
    Spidey: You got me there, that costume bores me too.
    Cap: HEY!
    Spidey: Don’t blame ME for Bendis’s dialogue.
    Cap: Fair enough.
    Spidey: Anyhoo, I’m bored.
    Cap: Well, I’m more bored.
    Spidey: No, I am.
    Cap: No, me.
    Spidey: Well, I’m bored and can stick to walls.

    (It does go on and on, sady)

  18. #18 Agent Michigan says:

    Wanna go punk Tony?
    Wanna fight Dr. Doom?
    . . .Nah.
    Wanna pick up chicks?
    . . . . . .Nah.

  19. #19 Enigma_2099 says:

    On a side note, those are some REALLY GOOD costumes… especially Spidey’s.

  20. #20 Craig says:

    Spiderman:That was a good idea Peggy Carter is fun to hang out with
    Captain America:MJ really is a firecracker Spiderman I have no energy left.

  21. #21 Enigma_2099 says:


    … I hate you. No seriously. I hate you. Now I can’t get that thought out of my head.