Hi, everybody! (in my best Dr. Nick voice) Just popping in to finally bring you folks this special Webs Weekly segment I had waiting in the wings for over a month. Back in the beginning of October I traveled to Evansville, Indiana for a wedding and stumbled upon this University of Evansville Art Gallery. Centered inside the gallery was this nifty, artistic Spider-Man sculpture. Sadly, it was late in the evening so the building was closed and I do not have the name of the artist available to share with you. If anybody hails from the Evansville area and would know more about this piece, please share it with all of us. My most trusted friend, the internet, has even let me down in this search, as I can find no mention of the studio online either. Sorry for the not-best quality pictures as well, they were taken with a camera phone through the windows. I’m a big fan of this stylized version of Spidey, and it kind of reminds me of the scrawny Skottie Young take on the webbed-wonder. Let me know your thoughts, or if you have any information on the school/studio/artist. Or feel free to tell me how terrible of an investigative reporter I am. 

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4 Responses to “Webs Weekly #12”

  1. #1 Emanuel Guadarrama says:

    That. Looks. Awesome.

  2. #2 LudaChris says:

    That is amazing, seriously

  3. #3 fantasyfreak says:

    I think it looks like an awesome cross between Skottie Young and Tim Burtons stop-motion animation 😀

  4. #4 Iron Patriot says:

    Meh. To me, Skottie Young(and people with similar styles) always worked best when it’s still pretty loose, but there’s still a skeleton in those characters.