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8 Responses to “Emma Stone on the Street”

  1. #1 Donovan Grant says:

    I sa this a few nights ago, and it’s amusing. I still really love Emma Stone, but it’s always funny to see actors like her and Patrick Stewart kind of humiliate themselves on Sesame Street. But I ould never admonish them for doing so.

  2. #2 butters911 says:

    I love Emma Stone.

    She is so adorable

    I wanna marry her :)

  3. #3 Enigma_2099 says:


    Being able to laugh at yourself along with everybody else shows you have a great sense of humor… it’s the reason William Shatner still has a career…

  4. #4 Pete Wiggins says:

    @ #1: I think at this point Patrick Stewart is as well known for taking roles in which he goofs around/sends himself up as he is for his serious roles. And yes, the dude’s a *Shakespearean* actor, but have you read any Shakespeare recently? A lot of it is actually quite silly when you look at it closely.

    @ #2: Hands off! She’s mine!

  5. #5 Extreme Spider says:

    @2 & 4 The Girl’s Mine!

    And yeah I saw his rendition of MacBeth while studying it last month. It was goofy as hell.

  6. #6 Norman Osborn says:

    I wonder if she’d be interested in accompanying me in a trip to the George Washington Bridge…

  7. #7 Iron Patriot says:

    @6 Ooh, can I join you two?

  8. #8 Green Goblin says:

    @6 and 7 – Me three!