The Amazing Spider-Man #675 Review

 Spider-Man and Carlie Cooper are hot on the trail of the Vulture’s new gang of teenage supercriminals. But can the two exes reconcile their differences enough to clinch the case?

“Great Heights Part Two: Partners in Crime”

Written by Dan Slott

Illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inked by Klaus Janson

Colored by Frank D’Armata

Lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna

THE PLOT: Spider-Man and Carlie break into the morgue to investigate the bodies of the dead teens who supposedly “jumped” to their deaths. At “The Wake”, the Vulture gang’s newest member Michael hassles Glory’s date, causing Mary Jane to call up Peter.

LONG STORY SHORT: This leads Carlie to know that Mary Jane indeed knows of Peter’s alter ego. Her and Spider-Man find the Vulture and his gang, and a battle ensues where the gang is taken out but the Vulture escapes. At the end, Carlies goes to talk about Mary Jane about Peter’s double life.

MY THOUGHTS: This issue like the last, was fine overall. It’s a basic superhero plot with not much to it but amusing for what little it offers. The main crux of this issue is Carlie dealing with knowing Peter’s secret identity, which Slott handles with appropriate skill yet doesn’t bring anything new to the table either. Carlie Cooper conspiracists won’t change their minds about the character reading this, and neither will “Parlie” shippers. In fact the very first page is seemingly made for those readers, and was my biggest hangup about the story so let’s get into it now.


This annoyed the heck outta me.

It’s harmless, I know, but it speaks so much about the TMZ mindset the title has been having currently. It’s…ridiculous. It’s like the book is trying to make the readers impressed with Peter in Carlie in some sort of celebrity type of way. I know that’s the point of the way the recapped image is presented, but it bothered me a lot. Peter Parker should not be objectively seen as a “Super Science Hunk”. That just…guh. That broke me.

Moving on, I did actually find Carlie’s reaction to Peter being Spider-Man interesting, reason being that she’s now the girl who happens to know he’s Spider-Man. Yes, Carlie’s smart and savvy and all that as the book never fails to tell us. That doesn’t matter in the long run. She’s the girl who’s not Mary Jane who knows Peter is Spider-Man, the ex-girlfriend of Spider-Man. I liked that she was freaked out by it in a way that harkened back to both Mary Jane and Felicia’s realization over it. Both acted as though they were scared of him, and I like that a secret identity revealed can do that to people’s perceptions.

 The Vulture plot has nothing much going for it. Again, it’s not bad but it’s typical comic book fare. Toomes’ characterization was fine, the teenaged goons were fine too. Talking about the art, I had a hard time being able to tell who was what gender in the gang. They all had short hair and lipstick, so I genuinely couldn’t make out if they were guy or gal besides their names. I don’t think either Slott or Camuncoli were going for any transsexual insertions in the story. I blame Klaus Janson’s inks, who I still maintain is innappropriate for a Spider-Man book.

The ending was obvious, and again not wrong. It’s where the book had to go. It’s worth being said that the scene was uninspired. Web of Spider-Man vol.2 #12 had the same scene of Peter being uncomfortable with MJ and another ex talking about him, and he’s had girlfriends discuss him long before that.

It’s another comedic beat, so we can laugh at Peter’s expense. I thought the idea of Peter Parker was that we were supposed to identify with him. Oh well…

From Web vol.2 #12

This was a decent issue, like last months. Not great, not bad, average overall.

3/5 webs


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