JMS Bans Wacker and Advises Slott

Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker contined to argue with former Spidey writer J. Michael Straczynski. JMS then had enough and wrote this.

Wacker: I asked you politely not to come in here with a flame thrower and engage in insulting behavior. I said, very clearly, that if you continued to do it, you’d be deleted. You did, so I did. I gave you ever possibility to have a civil conversation. You chose otherwise.

Current Amazing Spider-Man writer then alerted JMS that negativity exists on the Internet.

Quick note to JMS… You might be interested to know that the site that Ari Abramovsky just linked to here on your Facebook page (the same site which produced the erroneous chart, which plotted ASM sales Post OMD, using inaccurate Diamond Estimates AND– my favorite part– throwing OUT the TOP TWO-THIRDS of that “data”) is now taking shots at you, Joe, and having laughs at your expense. Thought you should know.

JMS then informed Slott about what to expect online.

And y’know what? He’s perfectly within his rights to do so. 

Let me try one last time to explain this: if somebody wants to slag me — which happens a lot in all kinds of places, including some run or frequented by some well-known writers — that’s their option. As long as they, like me and all other good citizens, stay on the right side of the libel line…by what right do I go in there and challenge him to a duel? 

If I feel I have the right to say what I want on my own page, then I have to allow someone else the same right or the whole thing falls apart. I’m sure whatever he’s saying is on a par with what your associates are saying on their own pages. And I support wholly their right to do so without interferance from me. If I object when someone comes in here breathing fire, then I have to respect their rights as well to run the conversation their own way.

Dan, you’re a decent guy and a good guy. Also a really great writer. I appreciate that you’re concerned there’s somebody out there saying mean things about me. But I spent most of my adolescence and teen years as the Geek in Residence being laughed at, picked on and having mean things said about me. And the world didn’t end. Wasn’t nice, wasn’t pleasant…but the sun didn’t explode. 

People are gonna say what they’re gonna say, good, bad or indifferent. But I don’t have to respond in the same way. 

So thank you for the heads-up, but it’s okay. As long as everybody stays legal, I respect his right to his opinion, and support his right to express it.


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