Topics included in this show are:

*Former Spider-Man writer J.Michael Straczynski vs Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker. It’s an Amazing Facebook fight and the gang gives a dramatic reading of the Facebook exchange.
*First look at the Amazing Spider-Man movie Lizard and its’ on a Pez dispenser?
*Marvel is starting to make other titles ship twice a month like Amazing Spider-Man. Is this a good thing or a desperate cash grab?
* We discuss the CBR poll that showed that a majority prefer a married Spider-Man.  


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8 Responses to “Podcast 160-JMS vs Wacker, Lizard Pics, Double Shipping”

  1. #1 Kevin Cushing says:

    Good God man, same day service!

  2. #2 Shaun Martineau says:

    A-ASS-M 😛

  3. #3 AbdulAziz says:

    BD is a poet all of a sudden?
    Starting 12:30, reading Wacker’s comment

  4. #4 SpectacularSpiderGuy says:

    “Double shipping” sounds like something Stella would do. 😛

  5. #5 Agent Michigan says:

    I was thinking to myself “I hope the podcast is up. Nah, it was just recorded yesterda-YAAAAAAAAAAY!”

    Brad is awesome.

  6. #6 BD says:

    Thanks Agent,
    Yeah I wanted to get the show out ASAP when the Wacker/ JMS fight was still in folks minds.

  7. #7 SpectacularSpiderGuy says:

    @BD: And it’s STILL already dated, because they were at it all day Sunday!

  8. #8 Erik Lexie says:

    Laughed my ass off at the dramatic reading. Great stuff.