Dan Slott reveals next event-Amazing Spider-Man “End of the Earth”

 Comic Vine reported that during a Marvel Live panel blog, Dan Slott revealed the next Spider-man even that would lead into issue #700, beginning in March with issue #682. The story reportedly deals with the Sinister Six, and Doctor Octopus especially.

“Spidey has known that the Sinister Six was a’comin’, and the same way he designed specific tech when he heard Hydro Man was on the loose at the beginning of Spider-Island, he has been preparing and building a new suit specifically for going to war with the Sinister Six…I haven’t done a Spider-Man arc on this scope before. It’s fun to let loose. A lot I do is centered on character, but here the focus is on action and adventure. The fallout will be huge. When it’s all over, the pieces on the table will be in some pretty interesting spots.”

For more on the story, click on the link to Comic Vine’s Report.

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