Carnage USA #1 – Review

The Carnage symbiote has found its way to ensnare me into reviewing its book once more (or maybe it’s just Brad?). We now return to the story of Cletus Kasady’s return and how he plans on wreaking havoc across the United States. Can the Avengers stop Kasady before a small town falls under his mass-murdering control? COMMENT OR CARNAGE WILL RIP YOU TO SHREDS!!
Whoa, I didn’t say that…

Carnage USA – Part One: This Land Is My Land

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Clayton Crain
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover: Clayton Crain
Variant: Ramos, Faucher & Delgado

The Plot
Everything is peaceful in the small town of Doverton, Colorado… that is of course until Cletus Kasady arrives and starts causing havoc to everyone living there. The U.S. Emergency Response Center alerts the Avengers to investigate the situation. When the team arrives they see the townsfolk just standing around chanting “Big Smiles Smiling” over and over again, even when they confront Kasady in the streets. After feeding off of dozens of cow meat earlier the Carnage symbiote is much bigger and stronger than before. With a failed attempt by the Thing’s sonic blaster to beat the symbiote, the alien organism manages to turn the Avengers (except Spidey) into symbiotic monsters and are now under Carnage’s control. The U.S. Emergency Response Center gets word of what has happened but already have a backup plan… five to be exact: Venom, Toxin, Hybrid, Scorn and Anti-Venom.

The Big Smiles
 I quite enjoyed the last miniseries and this issue was no different as you have the two guys who made that book great. Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain are defiantly doing a great job depicting Cletus Kasady as the demented sociopath that he is. While reading the first few pages it just gave off this “horror movie” vibe that I couldn’t help but love about it (no, I’m not talking about what Hollywood is doing with their “first person camera flick/ “OMG, BIG NOISES! *camera starts shaking* type of film. I’m talking about the actual good kind.)

Despite the issue having a dark atmosphere to it, Wells manages to throw in his humorous witty remarks in some panels (notably the parts with Spidey, Hawkeye and the Thing) and they are pretty funny (Poor Ben… ha ha).

Clayton Crain does a tremendous job drawing in both the lighter and darker scenes throughout this issue. I swear he was made to draw symbiotes because he just gives Carnage a menacing/ terrifying look to him. I seriously get a kick out of seeing his artwork.

This mini is going to be a monthly whereas the previous one was a bi-monthly comic. It wasn’t so bad but when I was reviewing it then I’d have to go back and reread the last comic to remember what happened. Now that I can expect this to ship out on a regular basis I’ll actually be hooked on this book.

What really is worth talking about is seeing that this mini plans on shedding some light on the other symbiote characters in the Marvel Universe. Future solicits have already said that Venom (AKA Flash Thompson) will be coming face to face with Carnage. Um, yeah, that’s got me pretty stoked to read that. What else is there to mention? Well Scorn (AKA Tanis Nieves) will; I’m hoping at least; will make an appearance. For those who don’t remember her she first appeared in the last Carnage mini and is now wearing Carnage’s new offspring symbiote. Eddic Brock I don’t think will do much at all considering what happened to him at the end of Spider-Island so he’s going to seem pretty useless unless Wells proves me wrong.

Then you got Toxin and Hybrid. Let me say that again, you have TOXIN and HYBRID possibly going to layeth the smacketh down later on. If you still don’t plan on picking up the mini, stay tuned for the upcoming reviews for more on these five characters.

So far this mini has got me intrigued.

The Bloody Mess
I really didn’t have a lot to not like about this comic. The only thing that I could mention is how Hawkeye acts when Spider-Man brings up Ben Grimm and needing his help. It was funny, sure, but I didn’t understand the hate on Ben all of a sudden. Just a nitpick on that part but then again it is funny how the Thing has nothing new to say except “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” or anything about Yancy Street and something about his aunt.

The Amusing Laughter
Again, how Wells writes the Thing as a bit of a tool is funny and how Spidey just tries to tell Ben nicely to just stay quiet… in the best of his interests.

4.5 out of 5 killing sprees. This issue didn’t blow my mind but it was quite good. Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain are so far building up to something that can be quite fun to read. 

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