Spidey Memories#100

“Amazing Spider-Man” issue 33.


There was no other logical choice for our 100th Spidey Memory. Not the spider bite, not the six arms, not the marriage, not Juggernaut or adultry with Betty Brant.

Steve Ditko created an image so iconic that it’s been homaged a dozen times. It has had some many tributes that Tom Breevort had to tell people stop calling back to it in the “Spider-Man Manifesto”. 

For those who don’t know the story, Spidey has just battled Doctor Octopus in his underwater lair. It is now being flooded and if he can’t lift the wreckage in time, not only will he die but his Aunt May will die too. If he drowns then he can’t deliver the medicine that is needed to save (this is before it was a cliche folks). The scene starts off with small panels and as the pages go by and Spidey gets more determined the panels get bigger and bigger, eventually climaxing in the page you are seeing now. One podcast argued that this scene could’ve only taken place in a manner of seconds, but there is no way you could still think that after hearing it being dramatized by our “Amazing Spider-Man” reviewer Donovan. He did a wonderful reading of it on “Amazing Spider-Man Classics” before it went the way of the dinosaur. 

Like I said, I could think of no other scene that deserves 100 more than this (although I’m sure many of you disagree).

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