Podcast 165-AMZ Review, Recommendations, Spider-Friends Team

Highlights of this episode include:
*Review of Amazing Spider-Man 676
* Recommendations
*Who should replace Slott on Amazing
*Should Spider-Man create a team? If so who’s on it?


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(2) Comments

  1. Keenan

    Dude! DC Universe Online is free to play right now! Even on the PS3. (However it's an 18 Gb install...so yeah.) FREE!!! Get back on it man! No excuses now. =)

  2. Eddie

    I enjoy your podcast and your viewpoints about the current portrayal of Spidey (the AS/DD crossover). Will you guys please go into some depth on this in the next Podcast? Does Marvel or Slott ever respond to these criticisms? It seems to be a companywide dis of Spider-Man. In this new era, he seems less powerful too. Thanks for your site and podcast!!

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