Universal Studios Spider-Man Ride Goes 3D

Stan Lee will have a cameo in the new ride and it will be 3D. Here’s the teaser video. Also here’s some pics of what the villains will look like. Here’s a cut and paste from this link.

Universal Orlando is transforming what is already one of the most amazing attraction experiences ever created into what will feel like an all-new adventure. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man will soon feature all-new, 4K digital high-definition animation, new high tech 3-D glasses and upgrades to the set, audio and lighting systems. The re-animation of the ride film will include an entirely new level of detail for guests to discover, including a cameo by legendary comic book icon and Spider-Man co-creator, Stan Lee.


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  1. Spider-mars

    Now this ride is worthy of being riding on more than ever. Twice even, if your a fan of Spidey. :D

  2. Cap Cheesesteak

    Cool. Guess I'll hafta go back to Universal someday. Sounds like this news probably squashes any thought of Spidey appearing at DisneyWorld for anytime in the near future. I'm dying to know how long Universal has the rights to them for. I'd love to see what Disney does with Marvel- but I'd be worried that they won't devote as much space to them as Universal has. They have a great Marvel section and the Spidey ride really is one of the best rides there. (Simpsons ride might be a tad better)

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