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I’ve been hired by Mail Order Comics to maintain their Facebook page. I’ll be posting deals for 75% off specials, book suggestions, reminders to get your orders in on time etc. I’ve been a customer with MOC since 2005 and have always been satisfied with its service. MOC is a sponsor of our podcast and website and we’ve had a great team-up for years. So lets spread the news of the MOC Facebook page. Because I know there are more than 20 folks who dig the service. 

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  1. fantasyfreak

    Hey, Brad is there an estimated list of international shipping costs? Cause I think they had one before the redesign and I´ve been seriously considering them, but not finding this page annoys me. Or did I just imagine that site all along? o_O

  2. herbiepopnecker

    Of course,being a Canuck, I go through All New Comics. Which I meant to post hours ago, before Post The First went up.

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