More Toys Reveal Movie Lizard

More toys are being released and Sony still hasn’t released an official image of the Lizard in the new Spider-Man movie. What do you think of the design? 

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  1. Dexter Fletcher

    The Lizard Mobile is the only reason I'd even watch this movie. I think it's going to bomb critically (maybe not commercially)

  2. Enigma_2099

    Somebody pull a kid to the side and shove that lizardmobile in his face. Then ask him, "Do you think this looks f****** dumb?"

  3. The Lament Beast

    @Iron Patriot Oh, and a Lizardmobile would drive the reviewers insane! The little ones would love that though! Best selling film of all-time here we come! ~Lament~

  4. The Lament Beast

    @Iron Patriot I don't want to call a winner before the race even begins. Well, unless I'm gambling. But you didn't hear that from me. The movie isn't out so no one can say it's good or not. All we have are the trailers and these toys to get a basic grasp on what the movie is about. But do any of these signify with 100% what the movie will be like? Sadly no. As I've said before “Pass judgment when the film is out. Never before.” And yes, I notice I could've worded my first comment more appropriately, getting my point across more clearer. But what is there is there. ~Lament~

  5. Iron Patriot

    @Parabolee: There's always been weird toys out there, like The Flash on a motorcycle, the Spidey adventure toys where he was just wearing a wetsuit, safari clothes or whatever, over his costume, the Marvel characters that transform into weapons,etc. A Lizard bike is far from the crappiest. @Lament Beast: Then by the same idea, you can't claim a film's success by a trailer, photos and interviews. @Donovan: If it looks more like this, I'd be fine with the suit too. Funny thing, the more the suit is shown in other media, like in the upcoming video game or in action figures, it gets more and more tolerable. That reminds me, have we gotten new images of the suit in action, other than the one where Garfield is pulling a Tobey Maguire and having the mask off? Oh, and if the Lizardmobile shows up in the movie, this will be the top superhero movie of all time. Better than Superman: The Movie, Spider-Man 2(Though I prefer the first one,personally) X-Men: First Class, Iron Man, Dark Knight, all of them. Just give us the Lizardmobile.

  6. Donovan Grant

    XD at the Lizardmobile. XFD!!! At this point I'm totally fine with the costume. Take one look at it, and you can recognize it as Spider-Man. That's all you need. Those Lizard pics real talk don't look so hot tho.

  7. The Lament Beast

    @Two-Bit Specialist Oh no, not that. I'm saying you shouldn't claim a film a success based on 9 minutes of film. ~Lament~

  8. The Lament Beast

    @Web-Head 9 minutes of film doesn't mean squat in my books. Pass judgement when the film is out. Never before. I've seen so many movies that based on trailers and the word of others would be great but just failed epically. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as Parabolee has. He doesn't like what he sees then what gives you the right to condemn him? ~Lament~

  9. Web-Head

    @#5 Stop making such radical judgement's of the movie's quality based on some crappy toys. Have you seen the movie yet? No. All you've seen is 2 minutes of footage that barely showed anything. Everything I personally have heard from the movie sounds great, nothing bad or upsetting. I was at SDCC and saw the 9 minutes of footage and was blown away, it was great. Anybody doubting the movie sees that footage they'd be excited no question...

  10. Parabolee

    Wow, that costume is so bad it shocks me every single time I see a version of it. And will people PLEASE stop saying that is "Ditko's" Lizard. IT ISN'T. It bares a PASSING resemblance in the face because it doesn't have an elongated nose and looks more human. But Ditko's Lizard look far less menacing, did not have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and did not have huge claws. And WOW, the toys look to be as crap as the movie! A Lizard bike?

  11. LiancoZ

    Bike toy, looks somewhat cool. Still... they don't look particularly fantastic. I'll stick with my Sinister Six set XD

  12. Andy M

    Looks more like the Rattler from the 3rd newspaper arc than the Lizard. I wish Hollywood would stop changing the characters and making them unrecognizable.

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