Final at 50?

Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso ended his weekly article on CBR with an ominous tone about Peter Parker’s 50th year celebration. It seems we could be facing another Death of Spider-Man. Here’s the quote. 

Finally, CMBMOOL stopped by to inquire: “Hey, I was wondering given that this is Spider-man’s 50th anniversary at Marvel comics, I was wondering if there will be a miniseries and/or a one-shot that features new stories of showcasing Spider-man’s legacy and those who are inspired by it? You know characters like Spider-man of 2099 or Spider-girl of the MC-2 or even the new Ultimate comics Spider-man, will we be seeing characters like that involved in the 50th anniversary?”

Alonso: What? No love for Spider-Ham, CMBMOOL? No plans for anything like that as we want to keep the focus on Peter Parker, the guy at the center of the Marvel Universe. 2012 is looking to be a big one for Spider-Man with a lot of big things happening — the 50th Anniversary as you, mention, a big movie in July, and issue #700 on Broadway. Seems like a pretty good final year for ol’ Pete, doesn’t it?

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  1. Jay

    If Peter Parker dies in the regular continuity, Marvel will lose more readership. This book's been trying to pick itself up ever since OMD removed some of its foothold on realism, and now when things look like they're getting back to that point piece by piece you wanna pull the rug out from under Webs again? That is really pitiful and a major diss to fans.

  2. Boomstick

    My guess is that it's either the big Doc Ock storyline coming up or, more likely, a Johnny Storn/Captain America "death" (which will probably be an anticlimax, as nobody for one moment seriously thinks Marvel will permanently kill off it's flagship character (though, as Ceres points out, Marvel excels at shooting itself in the foot). Sadly, after four years of messy, inconsistent storylines, I just can't work up much interest one way or another.

  3. Ceres

    All aboard boat number 3, lets sail to 2012. Anyone know the sales figure of Neo Spider-man ? I really doubt they will kill PP if Neo Spider-man hasn't preformed 300% better than Ultimate Spider-man. Then again....that would just be.. well very Marvel like to shoot themselves in the legs, not like they had a good run last few months. ~Ceres~!

  4. Mike 13

    Well, it could be a couple of things... 1) Since it's 2012, it's a play on the fact that it's everybody's final 2) Marvel might reboot their entire company DC-style... 3) He's just trying to fuck with the fans... Judging by some of the harsh reactions, I'd pick Door No. 3.

  5. reader

    All I remember from the F4's 50th was the return of Johnny and a bunch of anniversary variant covers.

  6. Doc Folsome

    He's just trying to conjure up some intrigue for ASM, no way they're gonna kill off or retire Peter for more than a year...not with a new movie franchise waiting in the wing.

  7. Spec Spider Fan

    More b&**@!#%, honestly....there is only 1 Spider-man...Peter Parker...I already am no longer collecting ASM..ever since the BND fiasco. I have been reading these books since I was 8 years old and truly found them an excellent formative part in becoming the person I have become...Pete was a role-model to strive against adversity...even with an incredibly hot, loyal model wife..he still faced crushing doubts, defeats and nigh-insurmountable respected and admired him but you really didn't want to be him....that is the crux of his character...the modern, "proactive" Mega Pete has been written in such a fashion of late, with a few notable exceptions, as a jackass wasting so much time trying to be cool, he might as well be High School style Flash Thompson. In my sad reality, Pete's end came at the end of "the Other" Strasynski run, holding his wife after using his newly acquired powers to save a child..that was his sunset....part of the Avengers, happily married, Aunt May and Jarvis...this is the world of ASM I choose to remember....I agree however, should they indeed "retire" or "kill" him it will be as short-lived as Johnny Storm's death and inevitably Thor's. Sorry for the rambling folks.."final year" my ass....

  8. Dexter Fletcher

    It's obvious Peter is likely going to "retire" yet again, setting the stage for a new Spider-Man for a cup of coffe before Peter takes it back in another year or two. It's a shame they won't acknowledge or bring back Miguel or Mayday for the celebrations, they were as important to Spidey's growth and legacy than any of the irritants plauging the books now, Peter Parker just isnt the end-all/be-all for me, he's my favourate Spidey, but his day in the sun is long over and books like Spider-Girl effectivly ended his story.

  9. Iron Patriot

    I really hope that they won't kill him. This is 2012, the year of the Amazing Spider-Man, after all! Sure, he should be knocked around a bit, but he should still come out on top.

  10. AbdulAziz

    Sure sure, but if they kill him he should at least stay dead instead of being resurrected for the new movie, not to mention how I'll despise him being out of a job once more

  11. reader

    Doubt it tho, wasn't there a preview for Ends of The Earth with Pete wearing a different outfit? Maybe he ditches being Spider-Man and becomes The Hornet again or one of those other identities. As long as they don't pull a Hawkeye and suddenly use the new movie costume then it's all good to me whatever they decide on doing.

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