Final at 50?

Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso ended his weekly article on CBR with an ominous tone about Peter Parker’s 50th year celebration. It seems we could be facing another Death of Spider-Man. Here’s the quote. 

Finally, CMBMOOL stopped by to inquire: “Hey, I was wondering given that this is Spider-man’s 50th anniversary at Marvel comics, I was wondering if there will be a miniseries and/or a one-shot that features new stories of showcasing Spider-man’s legacy and those who are inspired by it? You know characters like Spider-man of 2099 or Spider-girl of the MC-2 or even the new Ultimate comics Spider-man, will we be seeing characters like that involved in the 50th anniversary?”

Alonso: What? No love for Spider-Ham, CMBMOOL? No plans for anything like that as we want to keep the focus on Peter Parker, the guy at the center of the Marvel Universe. 2012 is looking to be a big one for Spider-Man with a lot of big things happening — the 50th Anniversary as you, mention, a big movie in July, and issue #700 on Broadway. Seems like a pretty good final year for ol’ Pete, doesn’t it?

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