Bertone Hates Betty #5

Yikes! With that look in her eyes we know that Ms. Brant can’t be up to any good!

I’ve gone on record a few times saying that Betty’s worst moment is either “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 184 or issue 280. I covered 280 earlier this year. Now it’s time to see just what is so bad about Betty’s action in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 184. 

Our story begins in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 182 where a mysterious figure (who are we kidding it’s Betty) approaches Peter’s landlady Mrs. Muggins. 


Betty is later given a key to Peter’s apartment. It’s safe to assume she doesn’t have one at this point due to the request she makes to Mrs. Mugggns. 

Mrs. Muggins is not going to just let Betty into Peter’s apartment right? Any landlord who would do that would surely have to be out of their mind!

The “mystery continues” in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 183.



Yup, Mrs. Muggins may be the worst landlady in New York…and New York has LOTS of bad landladies. 

Peter is in a bit of a funk because Mary Jane just returned his engagement ring and told Peter that they were through.

The stage is set. Now it’s time to finally learn what Betty’s master plan is in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 184.



Where to even begin?

* At the end of the last issue Peter says “I never expected you of all people”. There are a few reasons why Peter is saying this. One is because when he last saw Betty, she and Ned Leeds were heading off to their “working honeymoon” in Paris. Another is because SHE DOES NOT HAVE A KEY TO HIS PLACE. Peter doesn’t expect her to be there PERIOD. Either Mrs. Muggins let her in…or worse…Betty waited until she left and then broke in.

* Not only has she let herself into Peter’s apartment, but she’s made herself right at home. Do you think she carries that coffee mug with her wherever she goes? It’s probably Peter’s. I’m sure the coffee was his as well. I hope he wasn’t running low because he doesn’t have alot of money. That would make this worse. 

To sum it up, she wanted to talk to Peter. She didn’t call him. She didn’t go to ESU or the Bugle. She went to his apartment. She let herself into his house. She took his mug and made herself coffee with the contents of his kitchen. She then made herself at home until he arrived. We all have friends where this type of behavior may be acceptable, but Peter hasn’t given Betty a key yet (he will in a few months) and he doesn’t even know she’s in the country! 

If a friend told you about his ex doing this you’d think it was nuts.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. It gets worse though.



Don’t let Betty’s “Mary Jane” comment fool you. She’s fishing for Peter’s current relationship status. That will become more apparent by the end of the scene. 



Here she reminds Peter of their past relationship. For the readers it is exposition if they aren’t familiar with Betty (who hasn’t been in the title since issue 156), for Betty…it’s a reminder to Peter to set up what she is about to spring on him. 



I need to be fair here. I’ve constantly used “Betty left Ned on their honeymoon” as a talking point. It’s not inaccurate, but it’s unfair in what it implies. They were on a working honeymoon where Ned had to go on assignments, not some three day weekend at Niagara Falls. 

The fact still remains though, BETTY LEFT NED ON THEIR HONEYMOON! Not only that, but SHE DIDN’T EVEN TELL HIM! He’s covering this uprising trying to earn money for his new wife little realizing she isn’t even in the same continent, but actually in the home of her ex. 

“You’re my only good friend”. It’s funny that she says that over an image of Mary Jane. MJ and Betty were good friends in Conway’s run. Heck, Mary Jane was maid of honor at the Brant/Leeds wedding…a wedding where Peter served as the best man (in case you needed another reason why this is inappropriate). 



Don’t let Betty fool you. She had “restarting things” with Peter in her mind from the start. Why else would she have broken into his apartment and fished about Mary Jane?

So let’s review the crimes of Betty again..

* Betty leaves Ned on their honeymoon.

 * Betty does this without telling Ned. 

* Betty leaves the country to see her ex. The same ex that happens to her husband’s best man at their wedding and is currently dating her maid of honor.

* Betty enters the apartment of said ex without his knowledge or permission. While in the apartment she drinks his coffee from his mug and makes herself at home. 

* She holds no regard for her maid of honor Mary Jane as she immediately asks Peter if they are still together then asks to get back together with him. 

* Betty is not up front about any of this. Instead of saying what’s on her mind she has to make comments like “How is Mary Jane treating you” “Remember we use to date” “SAY! I HAVE AN IDEA THAT I TOTALLY JUST CAME UP, let’s date again”. If you are going to betray your husband and best female friend, at least be honest about it. 

Conclusion: Betty Brant is a horrible person. 

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  1. Hobo-Goblin

    I always enjoy these articles, Bertone.I can't recall if you already did something similar, but did you consider doing a "Legitimately nice things Betty Brant has done" article? Y'know, just to balance things out a little? :)

  2. Norman Osborn

    @11/12: Put a blonde wig on her and throw her off a bridge. Ah-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAH!

  3. Sthenurus

    @11 Doc Norman would use the opportunity, get the gril pregnant, hatch a convoluted plan and then kill her. Think you can do all that without messing up somewhere? :p

  4. Doc Folsome

    Nice work Bertone, I love these articles.I get that Betty is a little 'off' and her treatment of Ned is downright shameful. But am I the only one who is a little turned on by a crazy chick?? Maybe I'm in the minority, but if a lady I knew from my past showed up in my apt ready to get it on (in a mini-skirt and knee-high boots), I'm not sure I'd be strong enough to resist. Even though I'd end up with a stalker on my hands (or worse), I'd probably do it...especially if i was single at the time. Of course, I'd have to ask myself, what would Norman do? hahakeep up the good work Bertone!

  5. Spider-Dad

    Bertone, classic stuff...I remember this very well, as this was just when I started collecting ASM every issue. I remember getting these very issues right after getting #200, marking having a "complete run" of almost 2 years of ASM. Great stuff...Years later I read Marv Wolfman did not want Peter to get married, so that is why he had him propose, only to have MJ say no. This allowed him to force Betty back into the series, in this convoluted fashion. However, I never did find out where Marv was going next since he left the series shortly after issue 200 and his plans for Betty vaporized under the horrible Denny O'Neil run. What I do remember was how dreadful Peter's relationships were until Stern/Defalco brought MJ back...symmetry catch it.As for Betty, well I always thought she was nutty, especially during the Lee/Ditko years, so Marv is not making it much of a stretch. In other words, I agree, Betty is a horrible person...

  6. The Lament Beast

    @Bertone: Wait when?Supporting cast members like Bambi make the 1980s, in my opinion, the best decade of Spider-man.Prove me wrong folks, prove me wrong.Thanks for reminding me where Ned died. My memory's been fuzzy lately.~Lament~

  7. Bertone - Post author

    Did you see Bambi had a cameo recently?FWIW I don't actually "hate" Betty. It's just good fun. But dang I couldn't make up half the stuff I've found about her.Ned died in Berlin in the "Spider-Man vs. Wolverine" one shot. The circumstances of his death were retconned months later in "Amazing Spider-Man" issue 289. Another reason Ned is a chump...Betty and Flash wasted no time resuming their relationship after Ned's funeral.

  8. The Lament Beast

    @Bertone: Yeah, Ned was a chump. Always being used… I'm having trouble remembering where he died… He died in Germany right?You hate Betty as much as I hate--uh, who do I hate from ASM? Well I miss characters more than hate. Remember Bambi, Candi, and Randi? Yeah, I miss them.~Lament~

  9. Bertone - Post author

    Ned is a chump. He did some stuff he shouldn't have (like the time he grabbed Betty) but ultimately Ned was a guy who got a raw deal.* Betty only started dating Ned to make Peter jealous. Later Betty dated both of them at once.* When Ned proposed Betty said she had to check with Peter first. Betty leveraged Ned's proposal to get a better offer from Peter and when she couldn't she left without telling Ned.* When they did marry, Betty started cheating on Ned right away.* Go back and read when I covered "Amazing Spider-Man" issue 280..a sad scene for Ned.* Ned was brainwashed for months...and nobody noticed. Nobody helped him or saved him. Then he was murdered in a hit meant for someone else. Chump.

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