Marvel.com just sent this teaser image with no text. What does it mean?

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  1. Boomstick

    It's a nice visual. Of course this is Ultimate---Miles' and Ultimate Peter's insignias juxtaposed. Now, nobody really believes that Ultimate Peter will actually stay dead very long, any more than anybody seriously thought 616 Johnny Storm would stay dead. It's a marketing ploy, to tie in some way with the coming movie. If I were a betting sort, I'd put money on this scenario: Ultimate Peter will be back in a much ballyhooed "big event" and Miles will be relegated to being the Ultimate Scarlet Spider.

  2. ChaosInc

    I don't see what the fuss is about 616 and Ultimate crossing over; it's already happened in Shattered Dimensions. So it's not like this story's going to break some unbreakable rule. Peter's gotten to meet his successor before in the 2099 crossover so why not let him meet Miles as well? If done right it could be a great story, plus having Peter going into the Ult verse and meeting Aunt May and Gwen there has a lot of story potential.

  3. Javi Trujillo

    Maybe Peter comes back as a mentor, but not as Spidey, pulling a Bruce Wayne/Terry McGinnis Batman Beyond dynamic. It seems too soon to bring back Ultimate Peter though.

  4. Ceres

    So will they finally use that what was it again zodiac key ? It was a weird time to push that thing so close to Ult PP's death. Anyway I wouldn't mind if he gets resurrected as long as they do something with Peter.

  5. Gifford

    Yeah, it's most definitely Ultimate Peter Parker and Ultimate Miles Morales. I loved Ult. Parker's character but I feel that he should stay dead, especially after all the emphasis they put into his death (with USM's last comics and Ultimate Fallout) it would feel that we had been cheated (if you understand what I mean). And I'm not too keen on resurrecting characters so much either (that's one of the reasons I love Ultimate comics more than mainstream Marvel, they seemed to avoid resurrecting characters, but I guess it seems they have stopped doing that =S). I don't know, but if they do resurrect him, I just hope that they do it in very well written/well done sort of way. I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt and I'll just hope they do whatever they do right. God bless you all.

  6. nioo

    sorry its definitely ulitmate... bendis has retweeted it loads and it's clearly based on this cover: http://cdn.ifanboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/UltimateComics_SpiderMan_160_PolybagVariant.jpg

  7. Parabolee

    You know it's not surprising that the Crawlspace get's a bad name as nothing but negative opinion when people can't even be bothered to hope teasers mean something good might be upcoming. Anywho, I hope this is a Kain/Pete team up and not a 616/Ultimate crossover. Although if it's kept out of the main titles and just a mini or one off, I don't care. If it is Ultimate Peter coming back from the dead though. Well allow me to through my lot in with the negatives on that idea :)

  8. Wheatcakes

    I think it's referring to an upcoming storyline in which a whole bunch of New Yorkers gain spider powers.

  9. Hobo-Goblin

    So, Marvel has formally admitted they are creatively-bankrupt. I seem to recall Joe Quesada saying way back that the day they crossed-over the 616 and Ultimate universes would be the day they were admitting they were out of ideas.

  10. Leunamme

    It's Ultimate, all right. Bastards. Haha. I won't mind if they bring Peter back. Only if they keep both somehow, that would be cool.

  11. nioo

    @8 this is definitely ultimate spideys... it's based on a variant cover to one of the death of spider man issues that was just peter's spider logo against red... except now they've swapped one half for miles' "spider" logo.....

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