Bruce Lee as Spidey?

Artist Alex Tuis has some amazing pictures of famous celebrities as Marvel superheroes. Can you imagine a movie with Bruce Lee as Spidey? Sony could save so much money on stunt work. Click on the link to check out these awesome pieces. 

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  1. Robert Franks

    Cool photo. I think Bruce Lee would have fun with this role. Now the question is if this would be a dark story or would there be some good elements of humor? The last Batman was just a little too dark. I think if we are talking entertainment, I'd rather see actors that don't take the movie too seriously.

  2. Donovan Grant

    I really like this idea! Sure, Bruce Lee would undoubtably be better suited as Shang Chi, and his English accent wasn't the best. All that said, the look on his face makes me think Spider-Man, which says it all.

  3. A McF

    Well, I'm convinced. Besides the martial arts skill that Lee would bring to the character, Lee would have been able to bring a physical stalking confidence to Spidey's movements. It's too bad that Lee's Spider-man would have to be masked to be canonical; this is the expression I would expect Peter Parker to have when he's "on" as Spider-man. I was never convinced by Tobey Maguire when he was behind the mask--he always seemed too tentative. The best comics presented the Spider-man persona as Peter Parker allowed to be free, unconstrained by his responsibilties (real and imagined). BD, as you are a Hulk fan (if I remember right), I'm surprised you didn't mention Mr. Tuis's take on the Bixby/Ferrigno Hulk--it's brilliant! And I like Mr. Tuis's choice of Professor X, though if the X-men film had been made in the late '80s, might have seemed a bit obvious.

  4. Enigma_2099

    Think of all the webbing he'd save... he'd just kick the s*** out of the villains! Iron Fist, or Shang-Chi...

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