New Spider-Suit sent me this press release with a look at the new Spider-Suit.

He’ll Go To The Ends Of The Earth To Save You In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

The next big Spider-Man epic begins in Amazing Spider-Man #682, part one of Ends Of The Earth, by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli! The Sinister Six, led by the vengeful Doctor Octopus, is back and they’re looking for revenge! Can Spider-Man & Earth’s Mightiest save the world before Doc Ock’s explosive endgame is revealed? Find in Amazing Spider-Man #682 hitting comic shops and the Marvel Comics app this March!

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Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by STEFANO CASELLI
FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 3/21/12

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(23) Comments

  1. Jay

    Ock's upped his game, so Pete's gotta do the same. (huh. rhymed. eat your heart out, Roadblock) And he's bringing it like it's his own personal Super Bowl Sunday. I totally approve of this armor as long as it's only a one-shot.

  2. A McF

    The suit isn't unattractive, and I kind of like it. It looks vaguely Japanese robot; I'm not sure if it the shoulder pads fit with Spidey's traditional acrobatic strategy, but what the hey: it's comics.

  3. Erik Lexie

    I think it will look better from a better angle. That strikes me as a weird panel to use for a reveal.

  4. Brian Bradley

    Any chance this will help him breath in space since the story arc involves going to space? A spidey-spacesuit could be kind of cool. A reentry into earths atmosphere in an outfit like that would also be interesting. If Scorpion can survive something like that why can't Spidey design a suit to do the same thing?

  5. Keenan

    Meh. He's not going to use it again after this arc so this doesn't get me excited. There are only so many times you can press the applause button on your audience and it's not helping that we're recycling an idea that's been used in the same run. Peter just made a new version of the Spider-armor that ended up in his closet. Not only did they promote the crap out of that armor in various ads and Video games, but it did not seem to have any limits. (Peter got an ego boost after wearing it after all!) Why is it being benched for this one?

  6. The Lament Beast

    Damn, I was wrong. But was is up with the suit? It looks like Spidey's going to all-out war. ~Lament~

  7. Phantom Roxas

    @1: Ugh, now I can't unsee that. I think the armor looks cool, although this is definitely something that they really shouldn't have spoiled. Hopefully they aren't trying to give Spidey a new "main" outfit, but then again, chances are that it will be forgotten be the end of the arc.

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