Podcast 167-SOPA Discussion, Spider-Clothing, Resetting Flash-Venom

Two podcast in one day? Yes, I’m catching up. Here are the highlights of this episode where we answer message board queations. 
*The gang discusses the now defunct Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA
*We share what Spider-Clothing we have in our closet. George evidently has some Galactus boxers.
*Discussion if Flash Thompson should get his legs back if Venom leaves him. It’s a discussion of resetting classic characters to their original version.  
 *Thoughts on the new Scarlet Spider suit. 


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(3) Comments

  1. david

    that was kinda not making alot of good sense. lolz. i mean; there are times when i fall out with spider-man comics. if it wasnt for non-affiliated sites like this then my interest would most likely go for good. we need the official just as much as the un-official. dudes. so cram that in your apple pie and suck eggs

  2. david

    if i only had the comic itself to give me my sipder-man fix then i would most likely relish the comics more than i do now. however - there are times when i think, fuck these comics.. and if it wasnt for individual non-affiliated sites like this that keep my interest alive. so take that hollywood - your not all that after all.

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