Next Movie Spidey to Be Miles Morales?

Andrew Garfield was quoted as saying that the next movie Spider-Man should be a bit more Ultimate. Here is the quote.

“Hopefully next time he’ll be a half-Hispanic, half African-American actor,” 

What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Adam Stabelli

    I wish the "fans" would stop wishing that Amazing Spider-Man to fail. I don't get the fanboy way of thinking. I wish people would shut up with all the negativity towards this film. You can NEVER please fanboys can you?

  2. BD - Post author

    Parabolee, The new Spider-Man failing does not bode well for comics or Spider-Man fans in general. Even if the rights go back to Marvel after a massive failure, it will taint the character and reduce the chance for the next movie to be successful. It took from 1997-2005 for Batman to recover from a horrible movie. I wish good things for the upcoming movie. As far as this topic of Garfield's quote, we're going to discuss on the upcoming podcast.

  3. Two-Bit Specialist

    @Parabolee - That's a terrible thing to say. I would never wish for something to fail when people's jobs depend on it. Also, you should just start linking back to your 10-part article when you reply.

  4. Parabolee

    Might still be more faithful than this current movie! Seriously though, let's just hope this new movie FAILS and Sony lose money and let the license go back to Marvel. Then let's hope the following movie actually tries to be faithful to the comics.

  5. Enigma_2099

    As long as the next Spider-Man isn't changing an existing character who has been pre-established with over 30 years of history, what's the problem? Don't "Carlie Cooper" him...

  6. Phantom Roxas

    Just have Miles Morales randomly show up in the reboot films. Don't make him become the new Spider-Man in the movies.

  7. Sthenurus

    I think it would confuse people more than anything. They would wander why is spiderman black all of a sudden. It's like if they did a Superman movie featuring Steel. Wait they did. It bombed.

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