Amazing Spider-Man: The Official Trailer

Over the last few months, we gotten a steady stream of images, previews, and interviews. While one would have thought that Sony would have paid the 6 million dollars to have the trailer seen in front of the biggest sporting event of the year, which was the most watched event in world history…. but I’ll digress. BEHOLD….! LO, HERE BE A TRAILER!

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  1. Micheal Mah'moud

    Well from the interviews it is said that they actually invited Brian Michael Bendis(, ), took influence from Ultimate Spider-man, Brand New Day and Essential Spider-man and they said from the start it's less like Dikto/Lee's 60 Spider-man and more like Ultimate Spider-man(,,) and they said they tried to modernize it to make it relatable which every superhero film, superhero show or film adaption does because they understand that sometimes stuff from the comics especially from the 60's wouldn't work in a movie or a show for a modern audience. like Greg weisman making it ( which is why liz allen, Debra Whitman, etc are latina, african american and there designs are changed ecause an st and just focused in a world that had not only more diverse racially but also music, fashion, etc. so Amazing Spider-man is faithful to the comics in some aspects of the original comics, but also the Ultimate comics but also understand what is needed to be change to make it more veiwer friendly

  2. Enigma_2099

    @#67 When they can no longer make money doing it. It's easier to just change what's already been done, instead of being 100% original!!! Don't you get it?!?!? Hollywood! Land of imagination and remakes! I'm wondering why they feel they have to keep telling the teenage adventures of Spider-MAN... if they stop doing that, then casting a twenty-something actor in the role wouldn't be that much of a problem...

  3. Eddie

    When will they stop trying to rewrite the story of Spider-Man? Comic books can be translated almost directly to a movie format. Why don't they just do that? Always with the re-creating, etc. I wouldn't mind them setting in modern day, of course. But really, have any of these Hollywood types ever thought. Wow. This character has been around for 50 years and is a huge icon with fans aged 3-70? Maybe they did something right? Still. I will probably give them my $15. BTW - the suit does look terrible in the action. Something about it looks cheesy, '70s, Nicholas Hammond.

  4. ChaosInc

    I don't get why people think Marvel are doing these utterly "faithful" and perfect adaptations that are 100% true to the comics. The Marvel movies have done more changes to the source material than we've seen Webb do here. Off the top of my head I can think of: Iron Man: A missile puts shrapnel in Tony's heart in Afghanistan, not a landmine in Vietnam. Obadiah Stane working with and 'friends' with the Stark's and directly causes Tony to become Iron Man. Incredible Hulk: A lab experiment caused Banner to become the Hulk, not a Gamma Bomb test. The Abomination is a result of failed super solider serum tests. Iron Man 2: Hammer not being an old man. Titanium Man/Crimson Dynamo gets his suit by betraying Hammer and had a history with the Stark's. Thor: Donald Blake nowhere in sight. The hammer being in a small town in the USA and not Norway. Captain America: Red Skull is a result of super solider serum gone wrong rather than being a Nazi in a mask. Cap leading the Howling Commandos and not Fury, Fury not even being alive in WW2. Avengers: Cap, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are on the team and Ant Man & Wasp are not. And a lot more that I can't be arsed to list. Also if we're going to talk about costumes then none of them are wearing the costumes they originally wore in the 60s. :P No one really minded those changes when they saw the films; they weren't faithful to the letter of the comics but the spirit of the stories and characters. That’s why we love the Marvel movies. What we're seeing in this movie is faithful to that spirit of Spider-Man, imo.

  5. spideytracer

    @58 Brian Bradley... I hear what you're saying, Brian. And believe me when I say, there's no bigger Peter/Spidey fan than me. I've been reading the character for forty years now, and even in the comics, Marvel have shaken the dust off the character and tried to get him to be more with the times. "Variety is the spice of life," as they say, so we must allow for some artistic interpretation from the director. But you're also right in what you say that until Marvel/Disney re-acquire the film rights to all their characters, we will never see said characters as they should be really portrayed. The new movie is definitely the Ultimate universe version of Peter. Let's just buckle ourselves in and try to enjoy the ride.

  6. Spider-Dad

    From what the trailer shows, this version appears on the surface to be pretty loose with how the "Amazing Spider-Man" should be protrayed. No, this is not Ultimate, or 2099 Spidey, but "Amazing". So if they want to use that term, then from my vantage point it should be MORE faithful to the telling of the original story than just "Spider-Man". Sure they can update Peter to be more of a moody outcast instead of a nerd, I am cool with that, but don't play me on the facts. Connors at Oscorp? Yeesh... Connors knew Peters dad? Oh bother! Captain Stacy trying to arrest Spider-Man? Who is he, JJJ? Sorry. The costume? Not even close to the original. Gwen knows Peter is Spidey? Are the effects better? Well they better be since it has been 10 years since the Raimi films came out. So if the tech is better, how come the suit is terrible and the Lizard looks like "Digger" from the JMS run? Will I see it in the theater? Probably. But don't condemn a fan that wants to see a FAITHFUL adaptation of the facts. I can tell you I am more nervous about this version than the Raimi version.

  7. Akinyele

    @60 Yeah, most of the highlights from the trailer are elements borrowed from Ultimate Spidey. Also, having heard that Sally Avril had been cast, albeit in a brief capacity makes me wonder if they happened to take anything from Busiek's Untold Tales. Or maybe just the Spectacular cartoon since she apparently appeared in that.

  8. Andy M

    Spider-man is not supposed to be dark. The Lizard seems to look like the Rattler from the 3rd story arc of the Spider-man newspaper strip. I'm also waiting to hear Denis Leary sing Asshole at the Dinner Table in front of Gwen and Peter. It seems that Marc Webb has never read a Spider-man comic when it was good.

  9. cubman987

    I dunno...Peter is brooding a lot in the comics...especially in the early issues with regards to Flash picking on him, Aunt May's money problems, girls,'s not quite as "dark" as this, but that's mostly because it was written in a different time and I think kids handled things a bit differently back then than they do now....this looks more like an accurate interpretation of how kids react to these things today. I hope they don't go overboard with it in the movie (like Twiglight) or then it will be a problem, but I don't really see anything to suggest it's that bad.

  10. Brian Bradley

    @52 spideytracer... I am in no way a hater of this film. I am looking forward to it and will be there at the midnight screening like many others here. The thickness of the webbing will in no way effect how I feel about this movie. It was just a personal preference that I like thicker more visually striking webbing as opposed to the barely-there thin webbing we've gotten from the movies. The lab coat as well would have helped make the Lizard look cooler but maybe we'll see if on him for a little while after his transformation. The differences to the characters that Parabolee pointed out do bother me as well, but I have long since accepted the fact that as long as Marvel doesn't have the rights to X-Men or Spider-Man we'll keep getting retellings of these characters and their stories. We'll never see a truely faithful adaption of this source material until Marvel somehow gets the rights back, so that will still be a ways away. Until then I am fine with all the First Class and Amazing Spider-Man films to hold me over because they're still better than a lot of the rubbish Hollywood does put out. I think it's going to be a rough summer for this movie though going up against Avengers and the latest Batman (which is actually my least anticipated movie of the big 3 this summer)

  11. M. Fewko

    I truly feel the movie looks fine by this trailer. It has more edge in it. In fact, it has a lot of what made the Spidy mythos so appealing the 80's comics.

  12. Franky

    To everyone who says this movie will suck: Ummmm...why exactly? Is it because the Lizard has no lab coat? Is it the different costume? Or my personal favorite, is it because the webbing is too thin? I've been checking this forum out ever since Garfield was cast as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and I have seen an overwhelmingly negative response to this film which brings me to the conclusion that most of you want it to suck. The bottom line is that the movie has not come out yet and until it does cannot be properly judged. The one thing that is certain to me is that I am a Spider-Man fan and therefore am extremely pumped to finally get to see this thing!!! Furthermore this is the best trailer of all the summer comic book movies. Now, why do I think this movie will be awesome? Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone. Rhys Ifans. Dennis Leary. Sally Field. Martin Sheen. Director Marc Webb. Web Shooters. Real Shots of Spider-Man swinging and not the overabundance of CGI from that other trilogy. What looks to be great action directing by Marc Webb. Spider-Quippage. Should I go on? Have no fear Spider-Fans this movie is in good hands and on July 3 2012 we will see if they drop the ball or make the best damn Spider-Man movie that can be made.

  13. Iron Patriot

    @53-Parabolee: "Where does all this brooding come from?" Welcome to teenaged life in the 2000s.

  14. Parabolee

    @52 - That depends on if you think the "mythos" is as simply as "kid gets spider powers and web slings to fight villains". Because for me, who Peter parker is is VERY important to a Spider-Man movie/comic/cartoon ect. And for me this is NOT my Peter Parker. Or my Gwen Stacy or Capt. Stacy or Aunt May for that matter. What is left of the awkward nerd Peter was in the comics? Where does all this brooding come from? Sorry but I watch this trailer and I don't see Spider-Man. I see a cheap trendy knock off trying to appeal to the Twilight crowd.

  15. spideytracer

    People crack me up... they really do. This film is yet another interpretation of Peter Parker and his alter ego. So long as the filmmakers don't stray too much from the Spider-Man mythos, what does it matter if the webbing is thin, or that he seems to be wearing trainers, or that the lizard doesn't have a lab coat on? No-one will ever make a Spidey movie to please everyone, so let's just sit back, eat our popcorn and enjoy what's coming. The haters out there have the option to vito the film.

  16. Iron Patriot

    @49-ChaosInc: I also really like Gwen knowing Pete's secret. It's like Ultimate MJ learning it in 13 issues, instead of 217.(Well, in publication,at least.) As I said, it's gonna be interesting if they ever decide to kill her off,with her fully aware that Peter was somewhat responsible for it.

  17. Enigma_2099

    Time to look at this in perspective... Does it look like it makes more sense than the 2ND and 3RD Transformers movies? It does? Then it's got that going for it. Because if THOSE TWO PIECES OF TRASH can be made into financial successes...

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