MTV Disects Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

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  1. Micheal Mah'moud

    @Akinyele agreed and they don't. they used amazing, spectacular and sensational spider-man a few times in Ultimate Spider-man comics bet never Ultimate Spider-man to my recollection. Young Justice cartoon barely has anything to do with young justice comic book and the show took some influence from the comics featuring Teen Titans, and other dc comics and original ideas (different versions of Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy and some members of young justice wasn't used) but the title was used because that was best used to describe the show: "Young Justice" same can be said about Amazing Spider-man.

  2. Akinyele

    'Amazing' is not simply the name of the magazine, it's a part of his moniker within Marvel comic books. Whether the film is adapting Ultimate, 2099, Spectacular, or the original, the character is going to retain the 'Amazing' title in outside media. The 'Ultimate' title just refers to the imprint's name anyway. I'm guessing they don't refer to him as 'Ultimate Spider-Man' in those books.

  3. Sthenurus

    Well you know guys, if we really want the movie to "deserve" the title of amazing Spider-Man, it means gwen will have to sleep with norman somewhere down the road and get pregnant with his twins. Just saying...

  4. Spider-Dad

    @ Michael Mahmoud... Actually I don't want the movie to be "100%" faithful to the comics, no movie can do that without it losing the mainstream audience, which is where Sony should be rightfully be targeting the film. Instead you clearly articulated why this movie should NOT be called "Amazing Spider-Man" because it borrows heavily from everything BUT ASM. Sure this movie can still be successful and even enjoyable for some that don't know the source material. But for me, just don't call it "Amazing"...because it is misleading to this ASM fan...

  5. Sthenurus

    So far i liked what i've seen. I understand that people want a faithfull re-creation of the 60's spidey; but let's face it, no kid would root for a nerd... Especialy now that nerds aren't outcast anymore! The costume reminds me of Ben spidey, so i,ll let it slide. And Raimi's spidey wasn't even close to the core character. He was a pathetic, mopping guy. MJ wasn't close to her character at ALL. And gwen in the third movie... jeez. So before screaming and complaining, wait for the movie guys. We might be wowed ;)

  6. michael mahmoud

    @Spider-Dad i understand that you want the movie to be 100% faithful to the original Lee/Dikto story line but they did get Brian Michael Bendis and Stan Lee as well as other Spider-man writers for input on the script and Mark Webb did an interview saying he looked at some Spider-man books(Essential Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, and Spider-man: Brand New Day for influence for this movie) and so they did stay faithful to spider-man which has various of versions to pick from and Ultimate Spider-man may have change details but before Peter's death and more of less Ultimatum they stayed mostly faithful to the core of Spidey but just changed little details like Green Goblin wearing a costume, etc and I personally think that Ultimate Spider-man is a perfect thing to take influence because it was one of the first few successfull reinterpertation which was able to modernize Spidey and still make him relatable better than stuff like Chapter One (WORST. REINTERPRETATION. EVER), Marvel Age/Adventures and Spider-man loves Mary Jane(both which were good and very readable but not as good as USM, IMO). Personally I like the original origin but some of it's outdated and wouldn't be able to show to a modern general audience with out some kind of negative reaction but it's timeless in certain ways. and sometimes creative changes are needed for the movie (Iron Man , all X-men(except last stand and Wolverine origins), CA:fa, nolan batman, etc all did that and it came out successful) connors worked at Oscorp in MTV Spider-man show where BMB worked at as well, Gwen knowing Peter is Spidey is from Ultimate Spider-man, Captian Stacy wanting to arrest Spider-man seen in Ultimate Spider-man and Spider-man loves mary jane and makes sense since police normally don't trust vigilantes (spider powers or not) Spectacular Spider-man was able to take Ultimate Spider-man, the rami films and the original story and made it good watch so I think the movie can do the same.

  7. Spider-Dad

    From what the trailer shows, this version appears on the surface to be pretty loose with how the "Amazing Spider-Man" should be protrayed. No, this is not Ultimate, or 2099 Spidey, but "Amazing". So if they want to use that term, then from my vantage point it should be MORE faithful to the telling of the original story than just "Spider-Man". Sure they can update Peter to be more of a moody outcast instead of a nerd, I am cool with that, but don't play me on the facts. Connors at Oscorp? Yeesh... Connors knew Peters dad? Oh bother! Captain Stacy trying to arrest Spider-Man? Who is he, JJJ? Sorry. The costume? Not even close to the original. Gwen knows Peter is Spidey? Are the effects better? Well they better be since it has been 10 years since the Raimi films came out. So if the tech is better, how come the suit is terrible and the Lizard looks like "Digger" from the JMS run? Will I see it in the theater? Probably. But don't condemn a fan that wants to see a FAITHFUL adaptation of the facts. I can tell you I am more nervous about this version than the Raimi version.

  8. stillanerd

    While there are indeed certain things about this film that, on the surface, appear to be more faithful to the comics, my concern is that with the apparent over-emphasis on Peter's missing parents and their apparent connection to Oscorp, Dr. Connors, and even the radioactive/genetically altered spider, the film would establish that, rather than Peter inventing the webshooters, he finds a working prototype of them in his father's briefcase, thus establishing it was Peter's dad who invented them (Yeah, I know it's sort of like that in Ultimate Spider-Man, but it would be quite something else if Peter already finds a working prototype ready made rather that working on his dad's notes, don't you think?). Even worse, I have a feeling that his quest to solve the mystery of his parents will not only overshadow Uncle Ben's murder--which was his true motivation in the comics--but that Uncle Ben's murder will occur AFTER Peter already becomes a costumed vigilante and that Uncle Ben dies, not because he lets a crook he could have easily stopped get away, but because he was too busy busting heads as Spidey to be around to save his Uncle Ben from another criminal. Notice how the latest trailer, where it shows Peter having dinner with Gwen's family how Captain Stacy talks about Spider-Man as a vigilante? Well, that's the same scene from the previous trailer in which Gwen, in answer to her dad's question "Tell me about yourself Mr. Parker?" she says "Peter lives with his Aunt and UNCLE."

  9. michael mah'moud

    to plot out main points of my argument to save time 1.) Who was Spider-Man originally written to relate to? Outcast teens. What did Peter Parker look like as a result? Nerds, the outcast teens of the 1960's. What do outcast teens of the last twenty-odd years tend to look like? Like Andrew Garfield's Peter. 2. ) it wasn't the first reboot or Superhero movie to get grief of any kind and hatred because on any kind of creative change before seeing it on the big screen so it might has a chance to be good like X-men first class or Nolan Batman Movies or Captain America: First Avengers. 3.) The movie based upon interviews and videos shown so far is faithful to not only the original Lee/Dikto/Romita comics but also the Ultimate Spider-man comics and characters of the Peter, Gwen (science nerd and outgoing, fun loving girl in the original comics, punk rock in Ultimate Spider-man, etc) and Captain Stacy(who is a police officer and police officers wouldn't support a vigilante and might have to arrest him before realizing he’s a force for good like Jim Gordon in Batman Year One) while understand what needs changing/attempting to make more relevant. (Skateboard for today’s teens =motorcycle/moped for 60’s/70’s teens). Most people I showed to like the movie. And finally 4.) Wait until movie before ultimately making complains or thinking it’s good about it.

  10. michael mah'moud

    @ Parabolee Sorry for the long post and I apologize if it sounds a little harsh; I actually think they have captured the characters of Peter perfectly and this is just a trailer and the scenes felt more or less cut from how it might be in the movie and so far this movie looks like they’ve grasped the characters perfectly and the movie looks great I think this movie might be able to accomplish 2 things which is: A.)it's attempting to show teenage outcast (in the 60's it was a nerd wearing clothes similar to Dikto Peter but today it's something like this peter, Sean McKeever (Mary Jane/Mary Jane: homecoming/Spider-man loves Mary Jane) peter and ultimate peter) in today’s world would react to getting spider powers/ a modern reinterptaion of the spider-man origin and universe which looks good so far. Being faithful means staying true to most of the characteristics of the 60 + years of various interpretations of Spider-man from Lee/ Dikto/ Romita Sr. or Ultimate Spider-man while being able to understands what needs to be changed for the audience to enjoy it. and B.)trying to make it relatable in order for today's teenagers/the outcast (I’m 17 yrs old and a senior in High school and my younger brother and sister are 11 and 15 respectively and I showed to a few of my friends and it’s been mostly favorable reviews for the trailer) to be able to relate to him which is what Stan Lee try to do for Spider-man when he was creating him to make him more relatable for the outcast teenage audience(the nerds) and now for the last 20 or so years, outcast teens look more or less like Andrew Garfield Peter. Well I think the captured Peter's character since I see the Peter from Spectacular Spider-man, as well ultimate spider-man and Spider-man when he was college as a fact( he gains confidence as Peter Parker , still a genius, cracks jokes, makes web shooters, viewed as a vigilante menace be some people in the public.) Right now, Skateboarding is to teenagers is basically what a motorcycle was to teens in the 60s and 70s. And from the interviews from cast and crew, I read as well as the videos I’ve seen it looks like they captured his personality perfectly. (How some people describe Pete: which sounds like Andrew Garfield’s Peter on more or less). And by your standards then the Rami films should also be despised for not following the 60’s comics, imo.) Peter’s Parents being scientists and Peter trying to recreate some his experiments(which to me is better than the spy origin) and well as peter getting bit by an oscorp spider was a part of ultimate comics so you can’t say that was wrong and unfaithful as well as Peter trying to find out more about his parents was used in 616 and ultimate universe and makes since some teenage try to find more about their parents heritage as well as themselves is actually a common trait weather they are orphans or not. In fact I remember reading posts about superhero reboots/Movies like X-men: first class, Thor, Iron Man 2, Captain America: first Avenger, batman begins, the dark knight, etc getting grief for creative changes such as modernizing the characterization, changing the costume or origin in a little way(making Nick Fury or hemidall black, joker wearing makeup instead of Perma-white, captain America being Chris Evans and his Captain America costumes, different version of the original X-men) and fans cried it wasn’t faithful to the comics which change it’s storylines various times depending on the writers so the movie will be terrible but most of the time the movies have gained popular reviews . So what is so different about this? And personally the costume looks so much better in action and even better on the big screen in 3-d and miles better than Rami’s film did in terms of web slinging and action scenes.

  11. Parabolee

    I love how the clueless say it's closer to the comic books because he makes his web shooters and tries to be funny. Sorry but you can't claim to be faithful to the comics and then make Peter a skateboarding, punk rock fan who get's into trouble at school (for skateboarding no less). Then make Gwen Stacy nothing like she is in the comics, where at first she is terrified by Spider-Man and then she hates him, and make her basically MJ even going as far as to have her know Pete's secret identity. And even have Capt Stacy hate Spider-Man, a man who was among Spidey's biggets defenders in the comics. Look I like the fact that he makes his web shooters (even though they look kinda crappy), but him making his web shooters really is NOT important to the essence of who Peter is. This movie clearly get's Peter as a character WRONG. Gwen as a character WRONG, Capt. Stacy as a character WRONG. The costume WRONG. The focus on Peter's parents is WRONG, the history of Peter's parents WRONG. The origin of the spider bite WRONG. Making Peter's father connected to the experiment that led to Peter's spider bite WRONG. And while we have not seen much of it yet, from what I have read they have got the death of Uncle Ben WRONG. The whole tone, with the dirty costume, all the nighttime web slinging and grimy looking sets and colours is just WRONG! And while it sounded great when I read about it from Comicon, the Spidey humour in the scene with the car jacker was not very good at all. Didn't come off as Pete's normal tongue in cheek sordonic wit at all, but more like Youtube era teen douche humour. "You really think I look like a cop in this outfit? OMFG WTF LOL FAILS!". And his accent sounded weird. Sorry but I am really trying to be forgiving to this movie and enjoy it. But it just seems to take a big poop on everything I hold dear about this character. On the bright side I thought the Lizard looked quite good. His face his a bit weird and I would prefer he had a lab coat but he looked menacing and the effects looked great. My goodness though does the Spidey costume suck. And it makes him look far too skinny and scrawny.

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