Spider-Captions # 174

What is going on in this picture? Add a funny caption in the comment section. 

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  1. Epidot

    Yep. He has infiltrated the fashion squad of the HAND, and is now saving a spider clone (badly made). This is a DC promo.

  2. Eddie

    "Ahhh. The kicking and the punching, not so much, who knew you Hydra guys give such great Shiatsu."(with the Bendis Jewish Spidey, take...)

  3. M. Fewko

    "Will Spider-man get roofied by the ninjas? Found in the Marvel summer event, 18 years in the making! Written by Joey Q, Bendis, and Slott!"

  4. Wheatcakes

    Fortunately for Spidey, he has a team of ninjas to take him home after he gets drunk.NOTE FROM WACKER: It was apple cider, dagnabbit!

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