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9 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 174”

  1. #1 Lex says:

    “So, the New Avengers are fighting ninjas AGAIN! I wonder if the X-Men has any openings.”

  2. #2 herbiepopnecker says:

    “get stuffed, Spidey!”

  3. #3 Mike 13 says:

    From the pages of New Avengers Annual #2… for $7.99… Summer, 2012

  4. #4 Wheatcakes says:

    Fortunately for Spidey, he has a team of ninjas to take him home after he gets drunk.

    NOTE FROM WACKER: It was apple cider, dagnabbit!

  5. #5 M. Fewko says:

    “Will Spider-man get roofied by the ninjas? Found in the Marvel summer event, 18 years in the making! Written by Joey Q, Bendis, and Slott!”

  6. #6 Eddie says:

    “Ahhh. The kicking and the punching, not so much, who knew you Hydra guys give such great Shiatsu.”

    (with the Bendis Jewish Spidey, take…)

  7. #7 spideyfan101 says:

    Anyone notice Batman on the right?

  8. #8 Epidot says:

    Yep. He has infiltrated the fashion squad of the HAND, and is now saving a spider clone (badly made). This is a DC promo.

  9. #9 dave says:

    marvel’s copyright infringement ninjas have come to confiscate this home made spider-man doll. lolz

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