Happy Valentines Day: MJ and Spidey Tribute Video

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  1. Al

    For me, it's not getting rid of the marriage, but the wayit was done and the stuff that came before it. How does a compotent editor put out material where the lead super-hero is finally unmasked to the world and make it so bad and with so little effort? Who would of done that? Not only had Spider-man became magic, he had been host to a series of things involving politics of the New Avengers books and a war. It just a bunch of stuff piled upon itself. I'm didn't even mention he died. If they wanted him single, they should of just done that. It took away from the character. But yeah, people will still complain about this Mephisto stuff for years and the people at Marvel won't even explain themselves.

  2. SpecSpider Fan

    Actually, not depressed, furious...still p.o'd after 4 years + ...this act of retconning their marriage completely disrespected the long-timers like myself and the hordes of folks like me..still very disenchanted...I am extremely thankful to this website for keeping up with all the latest story lines and confirming my money is better spent elsewhere than on ASM.....still collect the trades though....now I am sad again...:(

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