New Amazing Footage

There’s a few extra scenes in this new international trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man movie. 

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  1. Phantom Roxas

    Really, this comic seems more "Ultimate" than "Amazing", but that isn't a bad thing. In fact, just look at the origin stories we've had.• Amazing Fantasy: Peter is bitten when he attends a science exhibit. • Ultimate Spider-Man: Peter is bitten when his class goes on a trip to Oscorp. • Sam Raimi's film: Peter is bitten when his class goes on a trip to a science exhibit. • This movie: Peter is bitten when he goes to Oscorp.Really, it's actually doing the opposite of the Raimi film, at least in regards to the details from the mainstream and Ultimate universes that were used.As for the complaints about the Lizard, do you honestly think that he would look better with the coat? In the comics, it works, but in a live-action film? I'm not so sure about that. That said, I do have a problem with his design. The trailer showed him more bulky than the concept art, and I do prefer him having a snout. Hopefully he does change over the course of the film a more appropriate design, although chances are it won't be until near the end, and unfortunately, I can only be reminded of Venom when I Say that.

  2. Micheal Mah'moud

    @ Parabolee1.Teenaged Peter was an outcast teen(nerds) of the 60s to relate to teenagers of the 60s, this movie Peter is an outcast teen which is a skateboard(which doesn't look like a important part of the movie) and he still has his intellect and humor. and of course it's make sense for him to be a little rebellious. he's a teenager. First Spider-man movie and first Ultimate Spider-mar arc showed rebellion. Even in the early Lee/Ditko/Romita days, Pete in the high school and early college years was always portrayed as a hot head who would fly off the handle at any given moment. So this is in character2.Gwen seem like Ultimate Gwen in form of sarcasm,personality and she knew Peter was Spider-man. She also has traits of early Gwen personality and she is a science major like original comics. Personally she's more like Gwen Stacy from the comics than SM3 Gwen(who also was a fan of Spidey).3.Cap Stacy is like Jim Gordon of Batman Year One in this movie or what police officers think about vigilantes in general. He thinks Spider-man is vigilante menace and has to arrest him. 616 George was retired and older so he would be able to show his support for Spider-man and well as being wise enough to see the good he's doing. He seems more like Ultimate George Stacy which was forced to hunt Spider-man and Spider-Man loves Mary Jane George Stacy thought Spider-man was a vigilante who inteferered with police buisness. So I like it.4. Well they are trying to distance this movie from the Rami's movie. this is one way. I'm not saying it's a good costume but it looks better when it's in action.5. I actually like the ultimate richard and Mary Parker better than the Spies/S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and it makes sense for Peter wanting to find out more. the whole connected to the origin as Oscorp(Oscorp being connected to Ultimate Spider-man origin and kind of Mythos:Spider-man origin or Doctor Octopus being connected to Spider-man chapter one's origin) is a bonus, IMO.agree about the cast and lizard(lab coat doesn't make or break after MTV Spider-man show and SM3 Game)

  3. Parabolee

    I have said it before and I'll say it again. Some SERIOUS issue's with this movie.Main issues:1. Does not appear to be the Peter Parker of the comics at all. Modernising an awkward nerd should not equal a skateboarding rebellious punk. 2. Gwen is so much like MJ, why not just make her MJ? Gwen never knew he was Spidey and always feared or hated Spidey. 3. Why is Capt. Stacy just a poor man's JJJ? Is it because Leary is good at being a poor man's Bill Hicks? 4. The costume design is terrible. Worst offenders are the yellow eyes, the face webbing and the filth all over it. Why is the costume filthy? Do they think that makes the film dark and gritty? 5. Tying Peter parents to his origin is lame in my opinion.On the plus side:1. Cast is great. 2. Lizard looks good (although be better with a lab coat).

  4. Spec Spider Fan

    While I will undoubtedly see this...I really wish it would have been a continuation rather than a re-boot....Spidey has enough villians (good villians) to have 30 movies made....why rewrite/revisit the origin story..had Sam Raimi done a botch job..I would understand, but with a few notable issues, the Raimi/Maguire team provided an excellent depiction..meh...we shall see.....

  5. Iron Patriot

    Nice changes, like the Peter saying "It's my responsibility." seeing Peter put the mask back on after that cool fight with the cops, and having a better ending to the trailer.Minor stuff: What'd you guys think about that short bit of Peter crawling? I think it works better than the first time Peter wall-crawled in the 2002 film, because it doesn't look like he's crawling on the floor, made to look like the side of a building. What was Spidey doing in that scene after Captain Stacy says "38 of New York's finest against one guy in a unitard?" It looked like he was on a zip line.

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