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If you’ll notice I’ve taken the Spidey Daily posts off of the front page. I got a call this week from King Features who synidcates the newspaper strip. They asked me to take them all down. They only want a 30 day archive of the strip on the internet. So I also have to take down the archive of the strip. That will take a very long time and I’ve taken all of 2012 down. I’ve been posting it for the last three or four years.
They also said they will now charge me to post the strip. They quoted me a price of  $120 a month to put the strip on the front page everyday. That works out to $1440 a year or around $3 a day for the strip. That is way too steep for this working father to fork over. Would you be willing to help pay for the costs? If I started a fundraiser would you help pay the bill?
So here’s my solution. I can post a link to the Tulsa World website that posts the strip each and every day. So just click on this image and it will take you there. My goal is to have the best Spider-Man website on the net with daily content. The daily Spider-Man strip was a big part of having Spidey content on slow news days. Feel free to discuss the change in the comment section or on this thread on the message board. 

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    Heya i'm for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer something again and aid others like you helped me.

  2. Matt Byrd

    Brad, Matt Byrd here again what I was trying to get across about your site link up was the www.spyder25.com has been disabled for a number of years is what I was getting at sorry for a misunderstanding if there was some? I was just letting YOU KNOW that link is gone and removing it from your site maybe helpful !

  3. Matt Byrd

    Brad, for the longest time I was really wondering if the strip or any other part of the site needed funding. I would be willing to help you in whatever form of a fun raiser if you could promise to keep it posted of the month one of the back for one or two days time, but if not I can go right to the paper link if I see it which I just went to the site's links and it's not there. I want this site to be the best spidey site too. Also I'm pretty sure no one's told you this but the Spydor 25 website link has been down for at least since 2008. I wonder why that maybe not really though that was a pro-spider-marriage site from what I knew of it anyway?

  4. Tom

    Boy, that's expensive. If you get the kind of traffic to support a fundraiser with $3-5 donations I'd say go for it. Otherwise a link is just fine.

  5. dave

    dont bother, they were mildly interesting at best and is not the reason i come here. i come here for the reviews, the podcast & the general web-slinger news.

  6. slottbox

    theives you're the reason for SOPA!!!!!!!!!!! and u dared to show support for against the bill you are nothing but pirates you should be sued

  7. Robert Kim

    As a long time fan of the SPiderman newspaper strip since my youth, I am disappointed that the greedy corporate Kings Feautures ordered you to stop posting it. I have eagerly looked forward to follow the wall crawler's actions. WHat a major disadvantage and disappointment!

  8. Kenneth Byrd

    The commenting on the strip was the thing that I liked best about this site. I don't know if the Tulsa paper will let you comment on theirs. I guess we can still comment on the message boards.

  9. Parabolee

    That sucks. Although I have been pretty bored with the strip recently.I doubt it's worth the subscription.

  10. SpectacularSpiderGuy

    You weren't paying the licensing fee this whole time? You know they can sue you, right? It's always been clearly stated on their website that there is a fee for posting the strips.

  11. SteveJRogers

    Making donations to help offset web hosting costs for the page and podcast I'm fine with. But, not for content that the user can find for free in other places.It was fun while it lasted, too bad it ends like this.

  12. cubman987

    It would be nice if you could post the link to the strip, and then if possible, continue to post them on this site assuming you can get enough donations.

  13. Old Guy

    I will contribute $36.00 a year. Well worth it and way less than just one variant cover. The Paypal route would work well.

  14. Gamma

    Oh, God damn... no, this isn't gonna work. Judging by the number of people who post on this blog, we're very, very few. We're never gonna work in terms of donations or audience.It's been nice being with you guys.

  15. John Space

    Interestingly enough, I always thought this blog had all the necessary permission to publish the strips. I mean, this Crawlspace is so well designed and complete that it looks like a blog from some Marvel website.The Tulsa link is a good idea; and the same goes for PayPal donations. Keep on crawling!

  16. Iman

    Please consider using the donation way via PayPal. There are a lot of fans to visit this blog.... So you can collect $120 monthly.... For this time you have 1,758 fans in FB. Plus visitors/ readers of this blog.

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