First Clip from Amazing Spider-Man Movie

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  1. Andrew

    No doorman in NY would ever act like that. They'd be fired. They would ask your name and ask who you're seeing, but they're not bouncers at a club.

  2. Iron Patriot

    Glad to know they're keeping the Bruce Campbell characters in the series, even if they don't have Campbell himself.

  3. Parabolee

    Not a good scene to release, the acting is poor (probably the scripts fault) and it just comes off as a poor knock off of the scenes with Bruce Campbell from the Raimi's movies. It's a shame but it appears that as great a Peter Parker Andrew Garfield would make, he's going to go to waste on this script.

  4. Wes

    I bet Peter is gonna hand over the bag and the guard's gonna find out his identity and everybody will know he's spider-man

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