Spidey Weekly

If you’d like to read the daily Spider-Man newspaper strip here are the links to the King Features website. 

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  1. Matt Byrd

    Brad, I think that for the fans of the Spidey Daily strip should know all the lengths and struggles it takes to get in touch with KING FEATURES could you have a posting on this here at the site?, By the way I'm linked into already just thought it would be nice to know!

  2. Christopher McAvey

    @FSUSpiderfan: Well, given the fact that Loki could set his sights on Earth and put MJ in danger again, I'd say Spidey's got an obligation to try and stop him, don't you?

  3. BD - Post author

    Matt, Here's the 17th http://content.comicskingdom.net/Spiderman/Spiderman.20120217_large.gif the 18th http://content.comicskingdom.net/Spiderman/Spiderman.20120218_large.gif the 19th http://content.comicskingdom.net/Spiderman/Spiderman.20120219_large.gif And please don't post them on your blog just send links.

  4. FSUSpiderfan

    Why is Spidey volunteering to go fight a god for the guy who just kidnapped his wife? He should take MJ and go home.

  5. Matt Byrd

    So Brad is there any chance of getting the 17th thru 19th posted in the link as well?, I happen to see these are bigger in size than King Features presentation of them as well! which is kinda cool, I thinking?

  6. Kenneth Byrd

    We can go view the strip over there and come back here and discuss it. The comments are dead on Kings Features.

  7. Tom

    If it's not too much more work for you, I'd rather see one link every day. It might also make for better discussions because each strip would have a separate thread as they did before. Either way, thanks. The newspaper strip is one of my regular internet stops.

  8. Aziz

    Thank you Brad Thank you Heimdell And if no one can go in, even Thor, and Spider-Man got b%^$# slapped by him once, and was able to do nothing against him, or even phase him.... HOW THE $%^#%&^#%^#%#^ DOES HE EXPECT TO ENTER ASGARD AND FACE LOKI?

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