Happy Birthday Brad Douglas

Hello Everyone. On this day 37 years and many moon ago, Our good Buddy Brad Douglas was born. This is his day. So I’ll tell you one of my favorite stories.

Back in 2006, I was just a mod for the ‘Crawl Space Avengers’ forum. Back then, there was problems with spam bots which kept spamming the board. After hiring Kevin Cushing to be an Administrator, the two of them kept the board as Spam free as possible. But upon further review, Brad decided to promote me. Course, the unintended consequences of this decidion would haunt us later on, but the Event would bond us. A then-12 year old boy used Proxy servers to create accounts that were used to… write profane words rhyming with ‘Buck you’ over and over again, over 1000 posts later, Brad simply replied:

“What an ass. Thanks for all you do.”

Later that year, the three of us launched on of the most rewarding experiences of my life: The Podcast. I got to talk to Dan Slott. Tom DeFalco. Ron Frenz. Sal Bucemea. Without the show, and without this man, I wouldn’t be inspired to go into his profession. When someone talks down to Brad, I get offeneded. He’s a great man who knows how to create something out of nothing. He has achieved greatness with this site. He’s truly left a Mark in the world of Spider-Man. I thank him on his special day. I thank him for not kicking me off the show after the 3rd episode.

After the jumpm, we will hear from the aforementioned Kevin Cushing, Joshua Lapin-Bertone, Mike Bailey and Donovan Morgan Grant. Take a moment, and give well wishes to this man.


I first met Brad Douglas on my iTunes browser back in 2007 in my old room. It’s been a great ride and we’ve slain many dragons along the way. Can’t wait to see what we’ll do next. Happy Birthday Man!


Without BD, a near-universe of Spidey knowledge, discussions, fan works and overall collegiate of fun would never have seen the light of day. Brad’s easily the biggest Spider-Man fan in the world has ever seen, and his ooutput towards the Crawl Space and its content have brought in hundreds of thousands of fan and done so for the past decade. Happy Birthday to his Amazing fellow.


Brad Douglas is one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and I never even had to meet him in person for that to happen. He welcomed me warmly when I first came to the site back in 2005, and has supported me in everything I’ve done since, whether it be something to do with his website or something completely separate. He’s a generous, giving, and nurturing person with an infectious enthusiasm and passion. Rare people like Brad are the reason you come to the internet at all. I am proud and honored to call him my friend.


Somewhere, on another Earth, there is a Brad that runs Superman’s Fortress website and a Mike that has a Spider-Man related blog. Both of them still really like the Hulk. Happy birthday to a man I don’t talk to nearly enough and yet get along with so well. You are a good friend and I hope today was fun for you

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  1. Spider-Dad

    Happy Birthday Mr. Douglas! 37? Just a youngster. Sheesh, they were already on issue #141 when you were born... Hope you had a great BD...BD...

  2. Matt Byrd

    Hey Brad, like everyone here hasn't wished you a lot of belated Birthday cheer already?, You site is always full of good webbing tales and updates on our main man Peter Parker. Did you know that your birthday is shared with a member of the Borg race from Star Trek as well?

  3. Wheatcakes

    Tried to find a cool rendition of happy birthday, but settled on this. Sorry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dCxh1KACPI Have a great day Brad!

  4. Sam Kerby

    Holy cow, only 37? Damn youngsters!!! Hehe... Hope you had a great BDay BD! Keep On Thwipin'!!! Sam

  5. Matisleonhart

    Happy Birthday Brad! To the man who usually the only one on my side during the crawlspace skype chat late at night! I miss those!

  6. Spec Spider Fan

    Many happy returns! Enjoy your day and all the comforts that come with it..thanks for the site and all that you do. :)

  7. madgoblin

    Golly, and his hair isn't any grayer than from the first pics I saw of him! Amazing how he does that - Just for Men? I guess if you wanted your birthday off and were too tired, it could still count as another edition of "Brad's Beat." Is Brad coming into work today? No "Brad's Beat." Or you could troll the cemetary and look for more Senatorial candidates. Or chase down ice cream vendors looking for Spider-Man popsicles. But however you chose to spend it - Happy Birthday.

  8. DitkoLovesGreen

    Happy Birthday, Brad. Hope you have a great day, take a sick day and relax. Nobody deserves it more.

  9. Enigma_2099

    So no one took this opportunity to take a pot shot? I'm kinda disappointed. Happy Birthday anyway, Brad.

  10. jvl1031

    Happy Birthday, sir. Thank you for giving all of us Spider-man fans a place to crash and talk about our favorite character. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day together. Thanks again, and take care. :)

  11. Shaun Martineau

    Just want to give thanks to the first person who let me put my opinion on the internet and make it feel like it mattered. Through Brad and his site, my love of comics was restored and taken to new heights and I meet some cool people who I get to record with and review alongside with. Happy Birthday Mr. Douglas and thanks again.

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