Stegron Returns in May

I overlooked this in the new Marvel solicitations but it seems a well loved Spider-villain will appear in the Captain America and Hawkeye book. Issues # 630 and 631 will feature the return of Stegron. Now when I say well loved, I’m specifically refering to our good buddy of the site George Berryman. He loves Stegron. Years ago he even made this video to show how much he is a fan of our talking dino. Check it out and pre-order those books.

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  1. Jack Brooks

    Honestly, Stegron [i]ought[/i] to be a lot more dangerous than the Lizard, because there's still a fully-functioning scientist's mind in that crazy dinosaur body! But they never did much with him.

  2. AmFan15

    I fear the destruction that is to come... Not from Stegron's rampage, but from George if they screw this up!

  3. ac

    Stegron...not the greatest spidey villian ever, but my first ever spidey book was amazing 165...I'd recognize that scene anywhere...

  4. Enigma_2099

    Hmmm... first making Kaine the new Scarlet Spider, then bringing back Morbius in the Spidey books, and now this... Does it seem like they're trying to to play nice with you guys all of a sudden? And I'm betting they're gonna kill him off just to f*** with you, Bear.

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