Ends of the Earth Electro Teaser

Marvel just sent me this press release what do you think? 

Electro Will Take Peter Parker To The Ends Of The Earth In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!


The next big Spider-Man epic begins in Amazing Spider-Man #682, part one of Ends Of The Earth, by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli! The Sinister Six, led by the vengeful Doctor Octopus, is back and they’re looking for revenge!


“Max Dillon has evolved from a simple super villain to a living force of nature,” explains Slott. “How can anyone stop power incarnate?”


Can Spider-Man & Earth’s Mightiest save the world before Doc Ock’s explosive endgame is revealed? Find in Amazing Spider-Man #682 hitting comic shops and the Marvel Comics app this March!


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Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by STEFANO CASELLI


FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 3/21/12

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(5) Comments

  1. spideytothemax

    Electro looks pretty sick here. I'd like to see the same artist do an alternate version with Electro in his old costume just to see.

  2. Stuart Green

    I like the art by Dell'Otto, but it's not enough to make me want to buy the book. I also don't care for this look for Electro, what with the Kermit the frog collar they've given him in this promo. What was wrong with the classic look by Steve Ditko? Also, I really miss the mask. :( As for Dan Slott's comment, I'm confused: hasn't Electro already evolved beyond "simple super villain to a living force of nature", like, a couple of times already? He had Spidey beg for his life when the Rose and Delilah upgraded his powers in DeFalco's "Amazing Spider-Man" run in the 90s, he helped break out all of those villains from prison when Bendis started "New Avengers", and he almost killed Spidey by using his upgraded powers more intelligently during Millar's "Marvel Knights Spider-Man" #3. I'd say Electro's long since become "power incarnate", wouldn't you?

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