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It looks like the new Spidey has been arrested. This sure looks like a mug shot. 

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  1. Extreme Spider

    Maybe it's the light bouncing off the eyes making it yellow. But te rest look like , to bring up a favorite quote of the Crawl Space, "Prison Ass"

  2. A McF

    I really shouldn't have watched Santo vs. the Zombies last night--but dammit, that composition just says "Mexican Wrestler Promo Poster" to me! In this shot, the costume looks fine--at least I don't see those distracting lines on the torso. But yeah, it's hard to believe a kid who is hard on his luck has access to that gnarly material!

  3. Enigma_2099

    4 movies, and no one's questioning the fact that Peter Parker makes the suit himself in a room and it doesn't come off like some cheap cosplay suit?

  4. Enigma_2099

    They spent all that time redesigning the suit, and still act like they don't want you to see the whole thing. Insecure much?

  5. Iron Patriot

    @Spideytracer-The shape of the eyes isn't the problem(although I much prefer the original eyes) it's the yellow net like pattern. It looks more like a beehive.

  6. spideytracer

    @ Parabolee... They've textured the suit to make it look more dimensional, other than something flat, like Christopher Reeve's Superman suit, which although was very iconic, wouldn't stand up in today's Blockbuster Movies. I know where you're coming from, but I for one prefer the eyes on the Garfield costume as opposed to the triangular lenses on the Toby mask. But let's give the thing a chance and see how it fairs on the big screen.

  7. Parabolee

    They really messed up the "webbing" on the mask. Whoever did this redesign apparently didn't understand that SPIDER-Man has a web design to his costume not a weird Matrix grid that makes it look like a gimp maks. And the yellow eyes... Why? And the filth! Ugh, I hate it.

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