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Sorry I’ve been behind on the comic strip. I’m still working with King Features to run the image of the strip everyday. 

Here’s the latest e-mail I received. 

Hi Brad
Here’s what we’ve come up with:
·         Trim down archives to last 30 days

  • ·         Post a prominent link/button (we can provide) to DailyINK subscriptions
  • ·         Post a prominent link/button to buy-a-print

o    We offer a 5% commission on prints

o    The site has to drive a minimum prints business or everything comes down


The above options would be at no charge.
 The other option would be a small fee per month of $120.  We would still need you to trim down the archives to 30 days.
Please call or email me with any questions.

In the meantime here’s the strip for last week and this week.

 Sunday 2/26
Monday 2/27
Tuesday 2/28
Wednesday 2/29
Thursday 3/1
Friday 3/2
Saturday 3/3
Sunday 3/4
Monday 3/5
Tuesday 3/6
Wednesday 3/7
Thursday 3/8
Friday 3/9
Saturday 3/10 

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  1. Kenneth Byrd

    @BD When they say "minimum amount of prints business" what do they mean? One to five prints sold each week? Sounds like blackmail. Ken

  2. Andrew C

    Look, let's be honest. The strips ... well.... they're fun to make fun of, but they do suck. Love Stan, but the guy's in his late 80's and clearly phoning this stuff in. I wouldn't pay $1.20 a month for them, let alone $120.

  3. Proto Goblin

    To be perfectly honest I was losing interest in that strip anyway. Not enough diversity in the plots which due to their 2-3 pnael a day format generally took forever to get anywhere anwyay. Still sucks for those that were still enjoying it though.

  4. Enigma_2099

    @#5 What's questionable is how they want him to pay $120 a month to run a comic strip.

  5. BD

    #5- questionable? Why I'm going to need folks to buy prints if they want the strip here. I don't think keeping anyone in the dark helps anyone.

  6. Andrew C

    Oh snap! That's the strip for March 10th! But it's only March 4th... it's like going into the future, maaaaaaaan!

  7. SpectacularSpiderGuy

    Do you really think it's a good idea to post your private correspondence with King Features' rep publicly, Brad? That seems a little questionable to me ...

  8. BD

    My wife busted her knee and will be on crutches for 3 months. Hence the lack of updates this past week.

  9. hornacek

    I appreciate all the work you're doing to return the strip to this site. I check this site every day, but I must admit, without the strips usually there isn't anything else posted that day, and when there is, sometimes what is posted isn't something I'm interested in.

  10. Lord Alford

    Sounds like running the strip is too much of a hassle. I wouldn't blame you if you just stopped running it on this site. I doubt very much if most of the other fans of this site would blame you either. I certainly wouldn't fork out a "small monthly fee" of $120.

  11. Aziz

    *Yeah Spidey, go back with MJ, you know you can't face the tyrant, and aren't supposed to enter Asgard. Mortals dying includes you *Heimdell? Stop him, what does thee await? *Shocking *So he's not allowed in if entered voluntarily, but its ok to throw him? *Thor can toss his hammer in through the barrier, but he can't enter using it? *You enter a "Ralph Bakshi" episode of Spider-Man *Thor, get MJ back to Midgard first. What strength does Loki have, bring in the Hulk *No $#%^ Sherlock, now make sure you don't sleep *You don't, he finds you *How many weeks? Anyone care to bet on the weeks at the gate of Asgard? *cause Spidey, you're in a newspaper strip, many read you. Just don't tell Deadpool. Speaking of which, that guy should have a talk with his dad =p *If Odin is in slumber, how did he talk? Thor, take MJ back to Earth then return, and don't forget your cape and Asterix helmet *The guy who couldn't faze you, is supposed to defeat Loki? Time for a hostess cake everybody

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