Ultimate Spider-Man Clip

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  1. fantasyfreak

    I´m actually cautiously optimistic about this, and that sort of suprised me. But they should have gotten Samuel L Jackson to do the voice for Nock Fury, or that guy who does it in the Avengers cartoon. This voice just sounds kind of off

  2. marksmess

    I've just seen the other clips on CBR, and it is growing on me. Didn't find anything soo horrible it will keep me away from seeing it. Quirky, fun, annoying until i get used to it.

  3. Enigma_2099

    Seriously, after the Avengers cartoon, they can't let me down with this. They can't! They floored me with that one. And there was still humor in that one, just subtle and low key...

  4. Enigma_2099

    @#7 Yeah, you know what ELSE Teen Titans had... EVERYTHING ELSE. Glad you admit the best episodes were the ones they took seriously, though. ;)

  5. Spec Spider Fan

    "Smells like an animated version of a Dan Slott book". Thanks Enigma_2099...that comment pretty much summarized my feelings in one clean shot and put a smile on my face:)... Regarding Ultimate...will still watch it when it is on as I have grown tired of watching all the existing series so many times (starting to question my own sanity at re-watching the entire 90s series dozens of times:).... and thirsting for something decent animated wise with the Spidey name brand.....We shall see.....

  6. spideytothemax

    Can't say this trailer has me very interested. I didn't even watch Spectacular until it was over and it'll probably be the same way with this. In the related videos that popped up after the clip there was a really cool Hulk vs Superman thing I'd never seen before. That was cool.

  7. kwed

    I said it when I first saw this clip and I'll say it again, "I can't believe they cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man for this" Too goofy after what was set up in Spectacular and I'll be honest, they should have kept Josh Keaton as the voice of Spidey. I have lived through all the Spider-Man cartoons (minus 60's although saw them in re-runs in the 80s) and he was the best voice I ever heard as Spidey. From the first time he spoke I thought he was the best. This looks bad...just bad.

  8. Emmanuel Jimenez

    I think I'm going to miss the Spectacular cartoon more, because it dealt with things better, and then in the actual comics now, Peter's gone, it just isn't the same. Drake Bell, I don't really like as Peter and isn't really my version to voice Ultimate Pete.

  9. Iron Patriot

    @4 and 5- Well,Slott is writing the tie-ins,so he knows this is right up his alley. Also, Teen Titans had some pretty awesome,dark episodes. The Trigon episodes were right out of the Wolfman-Perez run. They didn't even have one moment of comedy or exaggerated bodies in that two(three?) parter.

  10. Venomaniac

    Not crazy about the goofy lighthearted tone personally, particularly when compared to Spec, but it's not necessarily a dealbreaker. That dialaogue was quite poor though. Still hoping for Moon Knight to appear...

  11. Enigma_2099

    @#1&2 Oh HELL NO. if this show is ANYTHING like Teen Titans, you're on your own. I couldn't stand that cartoon.

  12. Enigma_2099

    Smells like an animated version of a Dan Slott book. I don't even mind them animating the mask's eyes to emote, but good god, please don't let that be an indication of the overall tone of this cartoon.

  13. marksmess

    TBH I'm a bit disappointed... the animation reminded me more of the 60's cartoon and less 'spectacular' looking than I would want it too be. Of course, the clip is out of context, and I will watch it if i can. (Where will it be on in the UK, and please don't say satellite)

  14. DaemonCorps

    Hm... kinda mixed feelings. Looks like considering this clip and the older one with the "toast" pun, it's pretty much confirmed that their tone will be something like Teen Titans, mixing comedy and drama/action. Still, as much as I liked Teen Titans, I can't help but get bad vibes off this series. Maybe it's because of Drake Bell voicing Spidey :/.

  15. Donovan Grant

    In-ter-est-ing... Wondering how serious this show will be, looks like a TT mix of drama and comedy.

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