Weird Marvel Collectibles # 79-Spider Nail Polish

This nail polish is a tie-in to the new movie. It has colors like “Just Spotted the Lizard,” “Call Me Gwen-ever,” and “My Boyfriend Scales Walls.”

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  1. Iron Patriot

    Still not seeing anything wrong here. I mean,one bit of marketing hardly means that the movie is aimed at teenage girls.

  2. Parabolee

    But even Avengers cologne is more respectful than this. At least it makes sense that full grown men would want to smell like Captain America. But what does it say about who they are marketing this movie to with Spider-Man nail polish? Teenage girls it what it says to me, and while I have nothing against teenage girls (that would be illegal), I have serious reservations about a Spider-Man movie aimed at them.

  3. Iron Patriot

    Ehh,they're making Avengers cologne. Marketing is marketing.

  4. Enigma_2099

    Nevermind the obvious whatthef***ery of this... is that middle box showcasing nail polish based on the Lizard?!?!?

  5. Parabolee

    So it has come to this... Probably sums up the respect this movie has for the characters.

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