Spider-Girls # 34

Celebrating ladies who love Spidey. 

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  1. Enigma_2099

    @#7#17 is the cutest, hands down. The rest are variations of teh sexay. How do you out-cute babies/infants?

  2. Ceres

    @4 Haha, well you got me there. Cuddling is a healthy activity.@5 Yeah, although bad~bad Eternitie for being mean to that Black Cat cover X.x

  3. Chi-Town Spidey

    She looks fantastic to me! The other photo's on her facebook page were pretty awesome too!

  4. Eternitie

    Oh cool, someone just showed me this. That's me :)Silly Ceres, the comic isn't bent at all I hardly see how I'm damaging it. Plus, who says I can't cuddle with my comics? ;)Thanks for posting this!!

  5. Ceres

    ........ she is hot, but she isnt a good MJ.Anyway get off that comic XD you are damaging it.

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