Bertone podcasting about the Beatles!

I’ve been instructed by J. Jonah Jameson to revive my Beatles podcast in order to keep Spidey from becoming “as popular the Beatles”. He thinks if I start podcasting about the Beatles again it will give them the edge over Spidey. Now I’m not out to devalue Spidey or anything like that, but Jonah told me that if I didn’t start doing my podcast (“Bertone Beatle Bonanza”) again, then he would send Betty Brant on me. I didn’t really have much of a choice! 

“Bertone Beatle Bonanza” was the first podcast I was ever on. I started it in 2004 and have recently gotten a new feed for it. You can check out the podcast website here…there is also the main website which hasn’t been updated in a while. 

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