Venom Movie in the Works

The L.A. Times is reporting that  a Venom spin-off movie could be coming to the cinema. This will be a new movie and Topher Grace and none of the plot lines from Spider-Man 3 will be involved. Director Josh Trank is  in talks to direct the film. His previous work was the “Chronicles” movie. What are your thoughts?  Should the movie involve Flash Thompson? Should it involve Eddie Brock? How do you do a Venom movie without Spider-Man? 

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  1. fantasyfreak

    I´m getting a feeling it has entered development hell(yes, I´m kind of pessimistic) just like this Venom film.

  2. fantasyfreak

    I havent seen Chronicle yet, so I cant really comment on that, but like you guys are saying, I´m a bit skeptic since this movie has been in the works for so long. But I like your idea NickMB. That could definitely work. Speaking of movies that are talked about but never made btw, whatever happened to the Deadpool movie we were promised?

  3. ChaosInc

    They're still trying to make this? It's been talked about for 6 years now; no good can come from this movie. Josh Trank can do better than this. After Chronicle he really shouldn't want to be involved in something obviously destined to fail.

  4. Iron Patriot

    @6 FSU: Forgot about that. Add that to the list of supporting characters given their own movies.

  5. Nick MB

    Part of me feels the Flash Thompson Venom set-up (you don't even NEED the soldier in the suit to be Flash Thompson, in fact it might be easier to get going if it wasn't) would work better as a standalone movie. There really aren't any solo Eddie Brock series that cry out to be adapted, but introducing an injured soldier who accepts a dangerous alien parasite because it means he could walk again does at least have a strong premise that you could explain to a non-comics reader.

  6. Iron Patriot

    I'm not too keen on the idea of Eddie Brock leading a film. I think supporting characters,especially villains should just stay supporting characters. Think Elektra. Think Catwoman. Flash Thompson as Venom,super soldier, has proved that he can be an interesting character on his own. Only problem is that there's too much setup required.

  7. tnr105

    You could have Carnage as the villain and do something ala Lethal Protector if you wanted to, but I think you'd need another movie with Venom in this reboot universe, so not as to have anything conflict if they do the black suit in the future, before you give him a spinoff, which I don't really think he needs or deserves.

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