Here are three clips from the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. What are your thoughts? 

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17 Responses to “More Ultimate Spider-Man Clips”

  1. #1 Kuder says:

    Looks good, can’t wait to see it………in a year or two, when it arrives in Germany. THIS WORLD IS SOOOOO UNFAIR!!!!!

    Good Jokes, great villains, fantastic allies (do I really see Iron Fist and White Tiger there?), I hope for a loooong run and a fast broadcasting here.

  2. #2 Donovan Grant says:

    I’m very mixed on this. I appreciate the humor because it is a cartoon, and I think the drama is good enough.

    Put together though…idk. It’s really hard to take the show all that seriously. It’s very much like Teen Titans in that half of it is Marvel Super Squad, and half is Spectacular Spider-Man. I like the designs of the characters, but Spidey feels very Beast Boy to me. Also don’t need to have Fury teaching Peter about responisbility.

    I’m tired of the high school era in general. Can we move on please?

  3. #3 D.A.V.E. says:

    @2 How can you be tired of the high school era when only two shows have ever done it? Most of Spidey’s shows have taken place in college.

    As for this show, I keep getting more and more disappointed. I’ll catch some episodes, but I doubt it will keep my attention.

  4. #4 fantasyfreak says:

    I am also tired of the high school era, but hey maybe this will be good anyway. I just hope most of the villains will be from Spideys own rogues gallery(that Venom is the only one that we´ve seen so far, worries me a bit. Not that I don´t like Venom though) and not just any one they picked off a dart board.

  5. #5 Donovan Grant says:

    @#3 Because High School is a bare area in Spidey’s history that doesn’t warrent nearly as much of the attention it gets in the USM comic, Marvel Adventures, Spidey Loves Mary Jane, Mary Jane novels and other Spidey media that’s come out since 2008.

  6. #6 Micheal Mah'moud says:

    @#5- It’s kind of funny because I’m more in the High School/college camp and can’t get enough but yeah most times spider-man was shown before USM comic, Marvel Adventures, Spidey Loves Mary Jane, Mary Jane novels and other Spidey media that’s come out since 2008 he was a college student/adult. It feels like a breath of fresh air and I like it.

  7. #7 Cap Cheesesteak says:

    Looks really good, can’t wait. The art style on Spectacular kept me away from it for so long, if this show has half the good writing that had I’ll be hooked.

  8. #8 Wes says:

    Spider-Man with a Teen Titans vibe to it, seems interesting. I love this new art style and the humor looks funny, I hope it has some good darkish drama and more familiar villains.
    It’s still going to take a lot for this show to be better than Spectacular though.

  9. #9 Jack Brooks says:

    Doesn’t seem like Peter’s personality. It’s like his real interior personality = the Spider-Man persona.

  10. #10 Enigma_2099 says:

    Call me when they want to do a SERIOUS Spider-Man cartoon, or at least more serious than this. The rest of you, have fun.

    Good animation, but I’m done. I’m giving up hoping for what I want to see.

  11. #11 Spideydude says:

    This is merely okay.

    Looks fun. I will watch this.

  12. #12 Jay says:

    Fun times are back! But uhm…in clip three when he was getting changed, there did his white shirt go? Check it and see what I mean.

  13. #13 Spec Spider Fan says:

    All that is missing is the BAM, CLUNK! ZORT! of sixties Batoosi Batman cartoons/live action series…:(…animation is nonetheless formidable and I will watch it…would have wished for a more serious tone however…..

  14. #14 Two-Bit Specialist says:

    I already had three serious Spidey series (90s, MTV, and Spectacular). They wanna change it up, they should go for it.

  15. #15 Enigma_2099 says:

    Yeah, but the best animation is wasted on THIS one.

  16. #16 DMaynor says:

    Anyone notice the Iron Spidey suit around the 46 sec mark

  17. #17 Kassady86 says:

    I’ll give this a shot but I’m still miffed that Spectacular is gone 🙁

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