Spider-Men Coming in June

Marvel just sent me this press release. It has a teaser image and the creative team for the upcoming Spider-Men series. What does it mean? Discuss in the comment section. 



This June – history will be made for the Marvel Universe.






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  1. boomstick

    The spindly, gangly silhouettes? Look like adolescents to me. My guess is that this is the return of Ultimate Peter, as I thought it would be. Miles will probably become the Ultimate Scarlet Spider. This lasted about as long as Johnny Storm's "death". Who didn't see this coming?

  2. Max A. Frankow

    Maybe its a Shattered Dimensions type deal where he meets the 616 version of Peter Parker?

  3. Nick MB

    @13 - Bendis doesn't get bored of projects that quickly. He did 50 issues of Daredevil, 160ish (and counting) on USM, he'll have done 100 Avengers issues by the time he finishes, not to mention 50+ on Powers. I think he's pretty capable of staying long-term if both the ideas and the sales are there to support it.

  4. Leunamme

    I'm gonna wait on this one. I won't drop the books. I don't think it will ever get that bad. But it may not be what meets the eye. We need more information.

  5. nioo

    Maybe... Bendis is creating a 616 version of Miles Moraleshe gets bored of his projects quickly (spider-woman, moon knight) so it wouldn't surprise me if he's already bored of Ultimate Miles Morales

  6. Ceres

    Yeah Spidey was/is/will be longer dead... but only by a few months. Well working with the notion that USM does indeed returns.Anyway, I say we will get some zodiac action.

  7. Hobo-Goblin

    Spider-Man meets an alternate reality version of himself?? That's so original and edgy!No. Wait. The opposite.

  8. Phantom Roxas

    It's written by Bendis with Pichelli on art, so it's got to be Ultimate Spider-Man. If Peter is really coming back, it had better be a good explanation, although I can't deny that I'm excited to see it if that's the case.

  9. fantasyfreak

    @ Erik Lexie: I thought that too. Just like they left out Ultimate when teasing the Death of Spider-Man. But who knows.. I´m just wondering if this is going to be a mini-series or an ongoing(ongoing sounds a little unlikely though)@SpectacularSpiderGuy: Thank you sir, for the best laugh I have had today :D

  10. AbdulAziz

    I'm looking at the lower Spider-Man and can't get over how weird his lower body position is to his upper body

  11. Erik Lexie

    I'm sure they just wrote "Marvel universe" because a lot of people wouldn't know what they mean by "Ultimate universe" and they want to drum up hype as much as possible.

  12. SpectacularSpiderGuy

    At first, I rolled my eyes at the thought that Ultimate Peter Parker is coming back already.Then, I read the accompanying text and realized it says, "This June – history will be made for the Marvel Universe." THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, not the Ultimate Universe. Either somebody fucked up the press release (which would be a newly impressive low considering that it's A SINGLE SENTENCE), or there is going to be a Marvel Universe/Ultimate Universe crossover event.So, I rolled my eyes even harder. I think I may now be blind.

  13. Parabolee

    Bendis + Bringing back a supposed dead character (read cop-out) = I'm out.Sorry Nedis fans but I find his stuff boring.

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