Spider-Captions # 179

Leave a funny caption for this picture in the comment section. 

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  1. 12oclock

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  2. MisterFear

    Oh look, a Spider-Man: Red and a Spider-Man: Blue. Didn't they try that with Superman in the 90's?

  3. marksmess

    After the paternity suit, Spidy regrets his one night stand with the female versions of Angel and Gargoyle.

  4. dornwolf

    DEVIL: Dude redhead 12 o clock checking you out. Go for itANGEL: And the Lord said unto thee "I'd tap that"Spider-man: Ah, this was why I don't drink.

  5. Chariset

    Devil: Hey, check it. The window to the girls' locker room on the third floor isn't frosted. No one would even know you were there. Angel: Don't do it, Peter. With great power there must come great responsibility. Devil: With a great view of the 7:00 yoga class comes great AWESOME. Spidey: How come I don't get wings?

  6. Micheal Mah'moud

    Spidey's thoughts on Ultimate Spider-man haters:devil spidey "burn them all! burn. them. ALLL!" Angel Spidey: Spectaclar Spidey was good but you're the best. Spider-man:Fine. You're right. Tonight everything burns.another joke:tonight we kill the Batman.

  7. Jared

    ANGEL: I dunno about this, I don't think making this kinda deal-- DEVIL: Take it! Come on, you know you've been wanting to get a taste of the strange for a while now!I'm surprised this wasn't the first one done, quite frankly.

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