New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

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  1. fantasyfreak

    Do not care for dubstep in the slightest(in fact I hope there is none what so ever in the game) but the this guy who know Peters identity seems intresting.

  2. Web-Head

    That's Iguana, not the Lizard. Obscure villain from the comics. Read about it in the articles on IGN.

  3. Enigma_2099

    No one commented at how the Lizard looks more "lizard like?" This running change gonna carry over to the movie?@#5That's not the Lizard?

  4. Aziz

    I want to know who and how does that one know Spider-Man is "Peter Parker", and how does he capture him

  5. Simon James

    Beenox have just tidied the suit up as the film makers should have done - darker blue and a utility belt works wonders.

  6. Sarcasmic

    Ign said Beenox is big on not revealing the voice cast yet, curious as to why. Also, the music did not work for me, this trailer was rather weak and c'mon, Iguana? Seriously?

  7. Spencer

    Whoa, gotta admit... that beat is hawt. I'd actually be willing to listen to dubstep as long as Spider-Man is punching someone in the face while it's playing.

  8. Enigma_2099

    D******, BEENOX!! You're gonna make me buy this game!!! And darkening the blue on the costume actually helps a little...

  9. Steerpike

    Wow. The movement and animations are pretty amazing! And do I see a utility belt on the web-slinger? Nice. Granted, I'm still looking for and hoping for alternate costumes (Traditional Red & Blues and Symbiote), but hey, this is still shaping up to be pretty cool looking. I hope it has the same impact that Spider-man 2 did.

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