Spider-Captions #180

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  1. writrzblok

    Darth Vader: Yes, Mayor Spider-Man, what is your response to allegations that you entered into a Faustian contract with the expressed purpose of divorcing your wife so your Aunt could live? Spider-Man: Well, Mr. Vader, as I'm sure your publication, the Daily Sith, can attest to, it wasn't a divorce. It was a retcon. There's a difference. Darth Vader: With all due respect, Mayor, you have separated from your wife in every sense of the word. You WERE married, now you're not. Technically that is a divorce, or at the very least, an annulment. Spider-Man: You are clearly mistaken. It never happened, so therefore your argument is invalid. Darth Vader: So you don't deny the Faustian contract? Spider-Man: What contract? Darth Vader: To annul your marriage. Spider-Man: What marriage? Darth Vader: Sir, if you're trying a Jedi Mind Trick on me, you're seriously wasting your time.

  2. cubman987

    "As three guys who lost their fathers at a young age, Superman, Batman and I are proud to present the Father of the Year award to Darth Vader"

  3. Brian

    I don't think I can top Donovan's comment, but here goes..... This is either an intervention or the superhero version of "LinkedIn".

  4. herbiepopnecker

    "And so, whichever publisher gets my marriage back, I will be defecting to them, whether it be D.C., Dark Horse, Archie..."

  5. dornwolf

    Spider-man: Stop me if you've heard this one, Darth Vader, Batman and Superman walk into a bar...

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