Podcast 172-ASM Reviews, Kevin and Bailey Leave, Spider-Man in 50 Years

Highlights of this episode include:
*Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man # 679.1 and 680
*Kevin Cushing and Michael Bailey depart the show. They have mp3 goodbyes in this episode and the gang says goodbye to our brothers.
*Q and A Message Board Questions.
*Will Spidey be around for another 50 Years?


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(9) Comments

  1. 666andahalf

    I will definitely miss Kevin's insightful issue reviews and Bailey's perspective on the comic news. Here's hoping we can hear their voices once again, even if it's just a guest role.

  2. Eddie D

    If you add someone, I nominate that guy that got Bertone in to meet Stan to give Eva a shout out. Oh wait...I'm that guy.

  3. Aziz

    If someone else is to be added to the podcast roster later I nominate StillANerd, hope he can be there

  4. Wheatcakes

    Strange, I was actually thinking about this today about Kevin and Michael and whether they would continue on the podcast at all. I'm sad to see them go. Happy trails fellas (if you read this!).

  5. Agent Michigan

    I'm afraid if this keeps up, there will be no one to do the podcast in a few months. D:

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