Amazing Spider-Man Clips

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  1. Hombre Araña

    Mmmm.... long ago my mother gave me an advice, a very wise advice, which can be employed for everything in life; now I am employing it for this movie: "Always expect the best but be prepared for the worst"

  2. Enigma_2099

    @#27 Hey, if someone threatened me with a knife, and I had the ability to be a dick to them about it, I probably would.

  3. Donovan Grant

    In the Ralph Bashki years of the 1967 cartoon, Peter pulled his wrist back and snapped off a streetlamp. Stan Lee took that and incorporated it into a retelling of his origin In Amazing Spider-Man #94.

  4. Jon

    Love the troll bit. Andrew is really going to give us a great Spidey. The first true wisecracking Spidey we'll have seen really. Can't wait. K-Box, love the liveblog. In food terms it's organic and gluten free. Look forward to the 35,000 mark. If it happens around the time of the film's DVD release perhaps we can celebrate? Make it kind of a two for one. You toast the contiuing inevitable demise a flagship while I can toast Webb and Andrew's success (and hopefully a DVD with cool features). Good times all around.

  5. K-Box in the Box

    "Hate can blind, or perhaps in this case an excessive fixation on sales numbers." Last month's sales figures were less than 2K away from the lowest sales in Amazing Spider-Man history. But yes, I'M the blind one for pointing that out.

  6. K-Box in the Box

    Or, you know, an "Internet troll:"

  7. K-Box in the Box

    As I've said elsewhere, there's a huge difference between being initially cocky in your superpowers and just straight-up being a dick to someone, and the endless I've-got-you-webbed-up-now-haw-haw taunts crossed the line from being Spidey on an annoying day to being Flash Thompson in the costume instead. "Spider-Man IS a douche to bad guys. He always has been. And the fact that he’s new to the heroing game and pleased with himself is nothing alien to Peter Parker." I don't recall him EVER webbing up the same non-super-powered guy over and over again, apparently for no reason other than shits and giggles. Yes, Spidey webs a guy and cuts a quip, that's a standard staple, but — in spite of the fact the knife-wielding carjacker comes across as having no good qualities whatsoever — it STILL comes across as Peter BULLYING him when he does it to test out an entire ROLODEX of snappy lines. That's why — and I can't believe I'm saying that BENDIS is better than this — if you want Spidey to deliver an entire SERIES of put-downs to someone, you have him do so against someone who's MORE POWERFUL than him, either in terms of super-powers or societal influence. Spidey's repeated pranks against J. Jonah Jameson work because, at the end of the day, Jonah is still an extremely successful businessman and influential public figure who's well-connected to all sorts of respectable people, and when Bendis had Spidey break out the INDEX CARDS full of insults against the Kingpin, it worked because Wilson Fisk is HUGE and strong enough to break his neck and has enough cops and politicians in his pockets that no matter WHAT Spidey did to him, it still wouldn't be enough punishment. "He’s new to his powers and was asleep. Not really comparable to an established Spider-Man in a sequel." Except that, as you and I already discussed elsewhere, in the context of the same film in which the police will eventually go on a manhunt for Spidey, there is NO way that this should not lead them right to the doorstep of the Parker household. Seriously, an old white guy beating up a middle-aged black guy on a bus gets uploaded to YouTube and becomes an Internet meme as "Epic Beard Man," and you're telling me that a dude doing a somersault into the air from lying on a subway seat to cling on the car's ceiling for long enough to look around, you're telling me THAT wouldn't get caught on camera by SOMEONE, in NEW YORK CITY? There would be a very simple way around all of this, which is if that scene simply hadn't been written in the first place, but they chose to include that scene in the story, with all the implicit problems that come with it. "Spider-Man has SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH. There’s always been a Man of Steel/Woman of Kleenex thing with him. Not to the extent of Superman, but you’re basically complaining about the same thing that happened in AF#15 when he crushed the steel pipe 'as though it were paper'." Please point me to the scene in Amazing Fantasy #15 — or ANY retelling of his origin, in ANY continuity, in which he has so LITTLE control over his powers that he destroys EVERYTHING around him. Again, even BENDIS handled this with more subtlety, by showing the chips of paint from the wall coming off onto Peter's fingertips when he got stressed out. There's a matter of DEGREES here, and when you're being a smartass to bad guys, context DOES matter. Basically, this version of Peter Parker comes across far too much as what the Quesada-era "brain trust" wants him to be for me to identify or sympathize with him in any way, or what the DCnU crew wants Superman to be, which is essentially a smirking thug.

  8. Adam

    I'm trying to go into this reboot with an open mind but these clips and others I've seen are making that very difficult. All three of these are awful and just make me cringe, especially that first one; it feels more like an SNL parody than an actual scene from a Spider-Man movie. The second and third clips are really bad ways of illustrating Peter dealing with his new powers, particularly the subway scene. Granted we don't have any context to the scene but why would someone rest a bottle on Peter's head while he's sleeping? And why do we have to have another scene of Peter using his powers unmasked? This was a problem in the Raimi films and I think its even more egregious here since they should've learned from the flaws of the previous movies to make this movie better. And that last scene wasn't funny or amusing when I watched it in X-Men Origins: Wolverine so why would it be funny in Amazing Spider-Man? I hope the stars align and this movie ends up being great, but the more I see of it the more I feel like its going to be a huge disappointing flop. At least we'll have Avengers and DKR to look forward to this summer.....

  9. Enigma_2099

    Plus I gotta add... the suit actually looks pretty good at night. Too dark to see all the WTF parts, and the shadows make the blues look darker.

  10. Enigma_2099

    Okay... the first clip was win. Period. But if this is all that it takes to diss the Raimi films, you obviously didn't think much of them to begin with. So you might want to think about who you label a "hater."

  11. Regless

    @Donovan Grant Well said. Spiderman's always been a powerhouse. I've been reading the comics for a long time and my take has kinda been even though pete's in the 10 ton league, you can get so much impact when you weigh 150 pounds, compared to the Hulk who leaves six inch footprint in cement. Similar logic kinda implies why he's still pretty easy to knock out... if you can ever get your hands on him.

  12. Jon

    @18 Donovan Grant Well said. It's clear as day. Hate can blind, or perhaps in this case an excessive fixation on sales numbers. :)

  13. Donovan Grant

    Adressing K-Box's points: 1) Spider-Man IS a douche to bad guys. He always has been. And the fact that he's new to the heroing game and pleased with himself is nothing alien to Peter Parker. 2) He's new to his powers and was asleep. Not really comparable to an established Spider-Man in a sequel. 3) Spider-Man has SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH. There's always been a Man of Steel/Woman of Kleenex thing with him. Not to the extent of Superman, but you're basically complaining about the same thing that happened in AF#15 when he crushed the steel pipe "as though it were paper".

  14. Donovan Grant

    LOVE what I'm seeing so far! This is how Spider-Man should be, in terms of powers and tactics with the villains. Still love the Raimi films, but this looks great!

  15. K-Box in the Box

    Clip 2: And after all the Raimi-haters complained about how much Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man showed his face, we now have Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker demonstrating his super-powers to an entire subway car full of people. Perfect.

  16. K-Box in the Box

    Clip 1: It would take a serious investiture of some deliberate effort to make your hero seem like such a smarmy, unlikable douche bag that even a one-dimensionally scummy street-level crook could somehow seem more sympathetic by default, but by God, this film seems to have done exactly that. Clip 3: Oh, good, I'm so glad we're amplifying his powers to the point that he can now wangst about how much it sucks to be super, ala' "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex."

  17. Jon

    @10 Aziz I'm well aware of Parabolee and his exploits, which is why I stated his 3 articles in my comment. I have stated many times in other comment sections what I feel about his modus operandi. But believe what you want. These clips just confirm to me just how so far off the mark Raimi was with his 3 overwrought messes.

  18. Aziz

    @Jon (#8): He wrote in length about "why this would suck", but he followed it later with an article stating "why this movie will rock", there still is the possibility he changed his mind and is interested to see his reasoning why this movie will be bad go moot. And as far as clumsy goes, it's true the Raimi movies are clumsy and stiff, but this movie aims for a much bigger goal, we read and heard many times how this is a more ambitious take, the trailer displayed high hope for a movie presenting "Peter Parker" instead of "Ross Gellar" as Spider-Man, then these clips come and force me to agree with Parabolee @Rick Lee James (#9): I don't know about the Fantastic Four movie, but I agree on hoping this would turn to be pleasantly surprising

  19. Rick Lee James

    Man, I hate to be negative, but those clips were awful. No one benefits from a bad Spider-Man movie but it look like this may be on par with the Fantastic Four Movie. You know, the Corman Fantastic Four, that never got released. I'm really hoping this movie will be better than I think it's going to be.

  20. Jon

    @2 Parabolee 'Because it’s truly awful, not funny, clumsy and amateurish." Leave Rami's films out of this please. And didn't you right 3 pieces (or 2 and a half) in which you compared aspects of the different films.............................?? People saw your game right from the start (evidenced by the comment section of your first article). So please don't pretend you have any interest in this film succeeding or have an open mind when viewing it. If people like this thing and the critics give it a 90% RT rating, you will say "yeah it was a good film, but it's not Spider-Man, blah blah blah" or something to that effect. If it fails I'm sure you'll dance with delight. That's your playbook. If you don't think it's obvious to everyone then you are truly fooling yourself with your own guise of altruism. So with that said, "Here's your change!!" (Man, what a great and professional line that was, truly hilarious) Excelsior!

  21. Aziz

    Telling that guy he developed the webbing is TMI Darn, now everyone in the cart saw Spider-Man's face Seriously, who lifts the tap up?

  22. PissedSpider

    Herbiepopnecker, how was it CGI. All I saw was Spider-Man and a burglar. You don't need CGI for that.

  23. Iron Patriot

    Couldn't quite make out what Spidey was saying in the first clip, which lowered my enjoyment of it. Still pretty cool. Like the new Spider-Sense. To me, the third clip is a bit too Mr. Bean, but I don't think it's a bad way for him to discover his powers.

  24. Parabolee

    @#1 first of all why does this movie have to versus the old movies? Do we discuss runs of the comic as taking down previous runs? And are you serious? Is the first clip outakes? Because it's truly awful, not funny, clumsy and amateurish. And the following two don't have enough substance to comment on. All the clips so far do not bode well for the quality of this movie. And that's without commenting on its unfaithfulness to the source material.

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