No Lab Coat for Movie Lizard

SFX magazine has posted an interview with producer Matt Tolmach from the Amazing Spider-Man movie. He confirms that the Lizard will not wear a lab coat in the new movie. What do you think. Here’s the quote. 

“Look, this is the big screen interpretation of it,” argues Tolmach, keen to defuse any potential fanboy ire. “You have to think about it – on the one hand we’re making a decision to tell a story that lives very much in the real world. That was a big part of the conversation – to ground it in our world, a world where there’s gravity, where the laws of physics apply. There’s a tangible explanation for how things are done.

“And in that world there has to be a Lizard. So how do you do that? You have to make the Lizard something that could come from this world. And that’s where you depart – literally – from the pages of the comic book.”

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  1. Enigma_2099

    Hey, if you barely scroll the page down, the cover on the left looks like it says sex...... I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

  2. Jack Brooks

    The comic book Lizard is a continuing character who needs a continuing "look" because it's part of branding. The movie Lizard is a one-off that you'll never see again, ever. The lab coat doesn't matter. Also, the absence of the snout harks back to the original Lizard look, which with Ditko was much more like a lizard-man, not a giant talking alligator.

  3. Wheatcakes

    Who cares if he doesn't have a lab coat. Sheesh. Do people really get genuinely upset about unimportant stuff like this?

  4. Phantom Roxas

    I wasn't expecting a lab coat, and I would honestly prefer it this way. In terms of what this movie is aiming to do, it would make sense for the Lizard to not have his lab coat. I'm still expecting the snout to appear later on as he transforms into a more grotesque version of himself, but I am curious how he turns into the Lizard with his clothes on. Maybe it's like the Hulk, and the transformation causes him to rip off his clothes?

  5. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    I said that Thor and Cap were part of the recent misnomers in that genre (nee ouvre) of movie. I know they are Marvel Studios productions, which makes their f*ck ups even worse honestly.

  6. Iron Patriot

    I'm okay with this.@1-Thor and Cap were Marvel Studios movies,though, not some third party movie studio, so they allowed those changes.

  7. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Excuses excuses. So apparently that whole Curt Conners in a lab coat thing in the stills and trailers was a smokescreen. First they take away his fearsome snout , Now they take away his signature clothing. This reboot keeps straying farther and farther away from the source material detail by detail. Then again, it's Fony Pictures. I'm truly not surprised. I think that's why they got Mark Webb as a director, They wanted someone who virtually has no rep or clout so they can order him around. At the end of the day let's not forget why they rushed this movie into production: So Sony could retain the rights to their Ca$h Cow franchise and the lease was about to run out. I think the only thing worse than this mess in the tights and capes ouvre was when they turned the Asgardians from viking gods into interdimensional aliens and allowed Captain America to turn into a popsicle after maybe 5 wartime missions (most of which were shown as part of a montage) therby negating any sequels from being set in the past so the character could actually build up his reputation/legend. Ah Hollyweird!

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