Spidey Memories#102

Spider-Man’s final showdown with the Burglar who killed Uncle Ben. The epic confrontation happened in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 200.


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  1. Iron dragon

    @13: That reminds me of that episode from Superman TAS, the guy figured it out as he was near inhaling the fumes; "Clark Kent is Superman"

  2. Mike 13

    Totally... like I said before... ASM had come full circle with this issue... could have closed the series and I would have been content.

  3. Spider-Dad

    I remember this scene vividly as a kid. I was SHOCKED Peter would unmask and reveal is identity. Of course I was familiar with issue #137 where Harry reveals Peter is Spider-Man, but the cops did not believe Harry and thought he was a looney. I was hoping that Marv would take it another way, and he did, but I never thought the burglar would croak of a heart attack. Of all the "100" issue specials, this one is still my favorite read. #300 is my favorite because Stan Lee signed it... :)

  4. Wheatcakes

    Definitely a great issue, though I question Peter's unmasking. What if the burglar didn't die, then what? He'd spill the beans and everyone would know who Spidey was. Then Peter would likely have had to do some deus ex machina mind wipe of the whole world to get out of that one, and that would be just silly.

  5. Enigma_2099

    Hmmm... of all the things Marvel's changed, I wonder why they haven't made changes to this?

  6. Kassady86

    There's an issue of Daredevil written by Mantlo that features the same "GET UP SO I CAN KNOCK YOU DOWN AGAIN" line. I love that line.

  7. Mike 13

    Arguably the BEST single issue of Amazing Spider-Man ever to see print... people talk at times about seeing a finite ending to 616 Spider-Man, and this issue would have been it... everything came full circle. Marv Wolfman's Spider-Man was THE best run ever... mot including Stan's of course. :)

  8. Donovan Grant

    "I care because I am the nephew of the man you murdered! I AM BRUCE WA-d'yah I mean PETER PARKER!"

  9. J.A. Morris

    This story will finally get the TPB treatment this July: http://www.amazon.com/Spider-Man-Return-Burglar-Marv-Wolfman/dp/0785162658/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333624820&sr=8-1

  10. Aziz

    I watched the movie years before reading this issue, and I love how they adapted these panels

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