Podcast # 174- Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Review, Lab Coat Lizard Talk, 99 Cent Digital Comics

Highlights include:
* Itune reviews, both pros and cons.
* Discussion on the Amazing Spider-Man movie and how it will not have the Lizard in a lab coat.
*Reviews of the first two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.
*The Daily Bugle is allegedly a news network in the new movie, the gang discusses the pro’s and cons.  
*Marvel is launching an ongoing 99 cent Nova book. Is this the future of comics?  


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(10) Comments

  1. Karry

    Okay, first time i found this podcast, and wtf is this shit ? I understand you are just dumb USian comic readers, but really, could you up the brain power a bit ? Oh, and the fact that you three (or four) are obvious junkies and pot smokers doesnt help. All the incoherent, stupid giggling, going on all the damn time... Fuck this, i'm out.

  2. CrazyChris

    Spider-Man 1 started sometime just before Peter's high school graduation and ended several months after graduation (they were having Thanksgiving dinner when Norman figured out Peter's identity). So the casting there makes a little more sense than it does here. Plus, Toby Maguire looks more like a dweeb and he's only 5'9" according to google.

  3. Tom Winstone

    Sorry if I misunderstood, but this is not unusually for a big-budget hollywood movie - Spider-man w/ Tobey Maguire comes to mind

  4. CrazyChris

    @1 Tom - The adams apple comment was a joke in the context of a discussion about the casting of Andrew Garfield, and how if they were going for a "real world" feel then they shouldn't have cast a six-foot-tall, 28-year-old man in the role of someone who is supposed to be bullied in high school.

  5. Brian

    While I usually like all your podcasts, this one was priceless b/c of the 'sugar-meltdown' and pry Daddy off the wall comments!

  6. Tom Winstone

    Have you tried using a touchscreen phone with gloves on, doesn't work so well. Peters a tech savvy person so wears fingerless gloves. Probably not a plot point. :)

  7. SpiderVenom

    The more footage that is revealed the more I want to watch this movie. Sure I'm still a little upset he is 6 feet tall and wears finger-less gloves and skateboards, but it could work.

  8. Tom Winstone

    is the size of an actors neck and Adams apple really a reason to refuse to watch a trailer? I was down on this movie at first, rebooting the franchise seemed like a silly idea, but the high production values in the trailer have won me over. The acting talent involved is great and most importantly Spider-man has a sense of humour. If you don't want to see the movie, that's your opinion and right, but citing the actors features is a poor excuse.

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