As the world predicted, Peter Parker will be teaming up and showing the ropes to his alternate universe replacement Miles Morales in “Spider-Men”. Done as the 50th Anniversary of Spider-Man, it will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and pencilled by Sarah Pichelli.

For more, follow the link to CBR’s interview with Axel Alonso.

What do you think about this revelation? Appropriate for the 50th anniversary? An insult to fans everywhere? Comment below!

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  1. Mustached Avenger

    I thought the policy with the Ultimate line was that it would NEVER, and I mean NEVER interact with the 616 universe? U know, the reason why we had Marvel Zombies.

  2. Lord Alford

    For me it will be a fun read. I'm an old Spidey fan and my son loves the new Ultimate version. Seeing our two Spidies interact will be interesting. Or if it's not, nothing has been lost. This has potential to change the Ultimate Universe, not the 616.

  3. Ray

    i'm not wild about 616 meeting up with ultimate universe but I hope there's some sort of long term story benefit in the end out of it

  4. Leunamme

    I will pick this up. Ultimate has been my main U since I've read comics. But I thought they were bringing back Ultimate Peter... Not sure how I feel about this. At first, it's disappointment. I think it's a good idea, but I thought it would never happen. Hmm.

  5. Andrew C

    Like Peter, someone in their mid to late 20's, would endanger a 12 year old kid's life by fighting alongside him. I hated that stuff in Batman (with Robin) and I'd hate it here.

  6. spideytothemax

    Hmmm. Just read an interview at Newserama. The idea of 616 Pete interacting with the Ultimate versions of the supporting cast (May, Gwen, MJ) intrigues me. Especially Gwen.Does anyone know offhand if Spider-Man has ever met an alternate version of a supporting cast-mate? I know there was evil Uncle Ben in that last annual. I can't think of anytime off the top of my head he's actually met an alternate version of himself either. There was Spidey 2099, but that's not really the same thing.

  7. spideytothemax

    @NickMB - I agree with ya there. This is better than an Ultimate Spidey resurrection/never dead scenario.

  8. Nick MB

    Bendis/Pichelli USM has been pretty good, so I see no reason to think this won't at least be fun. And frankly, I'm much happier they do this than undo the death of Ultimate Peter already.

  9. spideytothemax

    Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall Tom Brevoort describing just the idea of a 616/Ultimate crossover as "masturbatory" on his FormSpring page a ways back. That said, I guess I'll be picking this up even though I have very little faith in Bendis writing a decent 616 Spidey.

  10. tickbite

    Hm, with Sarah Pichelli's art, I'm game. But ... who designs those covers? Isn't Miles holding on to his webbing there? Where's the webbing? This cover looks more like the 50th anniversary of the Spider Dance.

  11. Thrawn

    I personally don't care. If you're a fan of Morales and the current books, hopefully it will be good for you. Other than that, don't care what Marvel does.

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