C2E2: Amazing Spider-Man Panel Highlights

With this weekend’s C2E2 Expo in Chi-town, there was a panel concerning ASM and the Spider-Family. Highlights include:

-Ryan Stegman is leaving the Scarlet Spider title, moving to Fantastic Four. His final issue is #6.

Skittles the Penny Hooker Er, Anna Kraven is back to fight Kaine.

-Venom Fans learned that Flash and Crime Master are to Venom what Peter Parker and Norman Osborn are to Spider-Man

-Venom has to be the darker image of Peter Parker. According to Remender

-ASM writer Dan Slott talked Ends of the Earth: “In Ends of the Earth, we’ve seen Doctor Octopus’ opening gambit as we’ve seen he might have the cure to global warming. One of the people who doesn’t believe in Doc’s plan is Spider-Man. … I’ve done the math, and when this issue comes up this week, Steve Wacker will have edited one fifth of every single issue of ‘Amazing Spider-Man.'”

-End of the Earth will feature Silver Sable and Black Widow, as seen by the covers and solits.

-No Turning Back is the new storyline that picks up from the point one issue that was earlier this year in ASM, Slott is picking up from Wells’ Shed story and the events from Spider-Island will play a role in the status quo change of Morbius.

-Avenging Spider-Man will not only have the DD/Spidey/Punisher team-up that was hinted at in SDCC last year, but will feature the new Captian Marvel.

– Ultimate Gwen Stacy will be featured in Spider-Men.

-Very Goblin-Centric Story will occur after a two-parter that happens after No Turning Back.

-Hobgoblin and the Spider-Jammers will be in a story called Danger Zone.

-Mary Jane will have a big change in the Ends of the Earth.

-AvX ends right around ASM 700, having those seismic changes that occur in the series.

– An Image of Scarlet Spider, Venom and a tiny bottle with the Carnage symboite was revealed with the phrase Minimum Carnage.

More to come as the weekend develops.

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  1. Regless

    maybe MJ proposes to Peter. wouldn't that be something... Funny thing is I'm only half kidding since I've notice a slow but steady improvement... IE the new hobgoblin paralleling peter's great power philosophy. I still wanna see him come back. and when they finally got rid of that magic spell making it impossible for peter to reveal his identity. It almost felt like someone, somewhere, actually knew what they were doing.

  2. Spec Spider Fan

    Agree with Enigma 2099 & Extreme Spider...if there is another goddamn attempt at writing her out, faux death or something equally vile..that will be the final blow..I am presently on the edge of the abyss where ASM is concerned..and derive the majority of my enjoyment reading trades and pre-BND stuff...did enjoy Spider Island particularly the bringing back of MJ in a more definitive role....but if they take away that meager carrot...hasta la vista...:( For the moment however, I will hold out some hope....

  3. Enigma_2099

    -Mary Jane will have a big change in the Ends of the Earth.- What, another attempt to write her out of the book?

  4. Peter

    I see what you mean Phantom, but I'm fine with the artist rotation. Amazing Spider-Man comes out twice at least twice a month since Nov. 2010, and I love the accelerated pace. To ensure the book is on schedule, they rotate artists every story arc. Personally, I really like all three of the artists they have on-board, and they usually stick to doing one story each. I will say I'm pretty annoyed with Ramos drawing these middle two issues of Ends of the Earth and interrupting the visual flow of the story, but Caselli can only do one issue a month and this story has to come out twice a month. Slott said that the middle two chapters both have a one-and-done chapter feel to them, to try and structure the narrative around the artist rotations. That's just the reality of putting out 24+ issues a month, I suppose.

  5. Phantom Roxas

    @Peter: Since the two-parter would kick off in August, I can see it being the 50th anniversary story, but I shudder at the thought of Ramos handling that. I don't get why they keep up with the artist rotation though. I can see the writer rotation being dropped because it would mean too many conflicting styles of writing, but comics are equal part literary and visual, and you have to consider that anyone who waits for trades (Like me) will find end up reading a collection of a story with different art styles. I'll have to look at better comparisons, but Camoncoli and Caselli's styles don't clash with each other as much as Ramos' does with either of them.

  6. Peter

    @Phantom I think the two-part story after No Going Back is actually the 50th Anniversary story that Slott/Ramos are gonna do, but they just haven't announced that yet since it's probably gonna be a big deal. Which leads me to thinking Stefano Caselli will be the one drawing "Danger Zone", given the artist rotation(Camonculli for four-Lizard issues, then two-Ramos issues, then 3 Caselli issues), which I'm hyped about. The thought of Caselli drawing Spider-Man fighting ninjas and Hobgolin with Spidey Kung-Fu seems like a really fun comic.

  7. Phantom Roxas

    That was actually a syringe, not a tiny bottle. I'm a bit unsure about Minimum Carnage right now, since it seems like they decided on the name before the storyline. However, since this seems to be the Secret Symbiote event and the final part of Wells and Crain's Carnage trilogy, it will be probably be better than the name and cover suggest. Stegman's art has been good, but I would like to know who will be taking over art duties once he's gone. I'm sure his art on Fantastic Four will be just as great. The Flash info is basically just saying "Flash is the secret identity, Crime Master is the archenemy." I agree that Venom has to be the darker image of Peter. It's why I don't like writers trying to make him into an anti-hero. It's rather impressive that Wacker has edited so much of ASM, but isn't that really nothing to be proud of? I really don't get why Ends of the Earth really needs to feature Black Widow and Silver Sable though. Black Widow could be the upteenth Avengers movie tie-in, but is Silver Sable's role meant to play up on the two-part time travel story? The one thing from that story that justified it is Spider-Man and Silver Sable's kiss? At this right, I'm expecting Mary Jane's status quo to be that she's dead. Then again, this could play up on Slott's earlier promise that we'll see Peter and MJ back together, but not in the way we want. The stories after No Going Back sound interesting, aside from the two-parter that even they seem to think is unimportant if they're not going to say what it's about. I was unsure if the Goblin-centric story referred to either Hobgoblin or Norman. A Hobgoblin story would play on the developments in No Going Back that the July solicits referred to, but it looks like Danger Zone will be that instead. If Norman shows up at all, wouldn't it be too soon since the H.A.M.M.E.R. War? I'll discuss Ultimate Gwen's role in Spider-Men on the forums, since we're talking about that there. I'm glad to see AvX affect Amazing Spider-Man, although I hope that it affects all the other books. Avenging is an obvious one, and it was pointed out that with Venom as a member of the Secret Avengers, he might have some ties to AvX, but we'll have to wait and see. I've been awfully lenient on Scarlet Spider because of the setting, but seeing it become more involved with the other books would be nice, although that seems to start with Minimum Carnage.

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